Faminehill - Ascend | Album Review

Hungarian Metalcore quintet ​Faminehill ​are set to make their return to the scene after four years following the 2015 EP release ​What have we done to each other ​with their debut album Ascend.

Having recently been signed to Famined Records, the bunch have been hard at work with next release Ascend, after a lengthly break off the circuit. Although this release does NOT in any way break the formula you’d expect to see in a Metalcore band in 2019, that in no way diminishes how talented and intricate the collection of tracks on offer, actually are.

Blasting off with title track ‘Ascend’, from the get go it’s a relentless assault of raw, piercing vocals laced with punishing guitars / drum tracks; giving the album a feel of no bells and whistles just an all out display from start to finish. The vocal range demonstrated in the tracks echos in a familiar fashion reminiscent of the likes of ​Wage War​ and ​Bury Tomorrow,​ two gleaming examples of the caliber to expect on this record.

Leading with single ‘Ruin’, the track is by far the best demonstration of what Metalcore is delivering these days; rife with emotion and crushing melodies, breakdown and anthemic clean vocals throughout. It’s clear to see why this was the tip of the spear for the album. However this being a superb track it fails to sit in memory for very long and gets lost to the extensive pre existing Mallcore type tracks which is in abundance these days.

There are moments throughout the album where a gratifying sense of genuine emotion is conveyed really feeling like a punch to the gut (In a good way); tracks such as ‘Everlasting’ or ‘Grave’, in particular, stood out, not only for the coarse grinding vocals, which all seem to be overshadowed when the tracks leads to it’s haunting clean vocals. With a delicate support coming from the guitars in a harmonious display of a real emotional experience being delivered to anyone who will listen.

Ascend, although the album is very much if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it type of an album in terms of the formula used for the tracks, it’s still a collection of tracks that you can clearly see, means something to them individually and a huge degree of care has been taking into making these tracks. Where the album falls short in some of the tracks, is the feeling that they're a bit like mere filler. That being said, you can also tell in contrast that there is a lot of meaning and experience behind these tracks.

Score: 7/10

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