ArcTanGent Festival Announces Final Headliner And Even More Bands!

You know a festival is destined for a massive year when the press and punters alike are hailing the respective lineup as the greatest ever hosted even before they’ve unveiled their final headliner. With this in mind, ArcTanGent have managed to shift over 75% of tickets even before announcing their Thursday night headliner for the 2019 event. However, the last remaining tickets are expected to fly out now they’ve announced that the mighty Coheed And Cambria shall be dominating the main stage on Thursday night. Headlining alongside Meshuggah and Battles, Coheed’s performance will be their first UK set since their massively successful headline run back in October 2018. On the subject of headlining ArcTanGent 2019, the band have stated;

“We look forward to playing with this extremely unique and talented group of musicians—bands likeMeshuggah, Battles and Daughters—who have each fearlessly approached sound to mold a musical voice all their own. ArcTangent feels like a festival designed to inspire the audience and we’re excited to be a part of the experience.”

However, that’s not the only headliner ArcTanGent have announced this week. Headlining a stage this year will be the phenomenal Employed To Serve. Their slot will come following the release of their hotly anticipated third full length, Eternal Forward Motion, a record set to be one of the most punishing and vital albums of this year. On the subject, vocalist Justine Jones has said;

“ArcTanGent was one of the first festivals we played and is still one of our favourite memories. We cant wait to come back this year to headline a stage with a new album!”

Also joining the lineup will be the riff lords in Puppy, the wild and eccentric Raketkanon, the simply brilliant Brutus, ethereal shoegazers Slow Crush, the ever vital Gender Roles and the poignant Cultdreams (previously known as Kamikaze Girls).

ArcTanGent Festival takes place between the 15th and 17th of August at Fernhill Farm, Bristol. Like stated, tickets are flying out and a sell out is inevitable – be quick if you’re thinking about copping one!


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