Blood Command - Return Of The Arsonist | EP Review

The return of Blood Command is an exciting time. The unique and utterly powerful Norwegian group made a big statement with their 2017 record Cult Drugs. Since the release of the 10-track treat, the band have gone on to support Rolo Tomassi thanks to their self-described ‘deathpop’ vibes.

The four-piece are adding to their repertoire with brand-new EP Return of the Arsonist: five tracks of intrigue and prowess. The record strengthens their diverse amalgamation of styles and genres, all led by Karina Ljone, their dynamic front-woman.

‘Don’t Strike A Match, Use The Lighter’ sets the tone for what’s to come. The song doesn’t just spark intrigue from the title alone, the atmospheric synths that initiates Return of the Arsonist also builds a certain tension. The sombre notes are disturbed by a development of swift beats and, eventually, the first appearance of the piercing vocals fans have grown attached to Their rapidity persists with the emergence of the short-run ‘Ritual Knife’. Clocking in at under a minute, the track stands as a brief intermission before their big event.

They come to an end on a magnificent high with the appearance of previously released single ‘Afraid of Water’. With a rapid pace and impressive melodies, the track takes the listener through a rolling adventure of harmonising guitars and mellow verses. ‘Afraid of Water’ is one of those examples that shows off a little bit of a softer side to Blood Command; demonstrating their pop influences in their best way possible.

With their shifting speeds and impressive knack of crafting a beautiful form of chaos in their music, Blood Command are ones you should be keeping an eye on, if you haven’t already. Their ability to bring together hints of pop, punk and hardcore in an excellent harmony is one that can be hard to come by and vastly admired. The EP only skims the surface of what they have to offer and leaves the listener thirsty for more.

Score: 7.5/10

Return Of The Arsonist is out April 12th via Fysisk Format


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