Archaic Decapitator – The Apothecary | EP Review

Many bands hold the weight of experience into each and every song. Therefore it surprises when you learn of their relatively little output. Connecticuts Archaic Decapitator are one such band. This Death Metal five piece are bringing out their second EP since their debut album, The Apothecary April 19th.

Instantly theres a striving ferocity to their music. Death Metal sounding so alive and feral, imbued with a melodic overtone that make sense of their European Melodic Death Metal influences, but, sound distinctly separate from such bands. They also manage hints of symphony to their songs but this atmosphere is but a brief supporting element to the ferocious Metal on display. Come for their deep and guttural Death Metal, but stay for the free flowing and Dancing drums and guitars. Fast and powerful and yet flauntingly on display to be so much more than that annihilating punishment of blast beats alone.

For one little EP, The Apothecary boasts a development not usually found in many bands. To get a strong sense of the band at this stage in their career look to songs like 'Cruelty of the Host Star' or title track 'The Apothecary'. Whilst most tracks are almost subtle in their power, these tracks are bombastic in their insistence on pure Death Metal melodies. But, for those who like their Death Metal with a tinge of symphonic atmosphere, look to 'Skyward'.

The Apothecary put Archaic Decapitator in a good place. Their music showing a fascination with style that gives that is almost arrogant, yet shy. The kind of band that are an ever-growing thunder. They might not hit like a lightning strike, but their presence becomes more and more important as you stop to listen: there's carnage round the corner.

Score: 7/10

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