Black Tree Vultures - S/T | EP Review

Cutting rock with metal and a modern edge, south coast rockers Black Tree Vultures return with their sophomore, self titled EP. Providing more of the hard hitting rock/metal hybrid that has seen them grow in the past twelve months.

The follow up to their underground acclaimed debut EP Sanity saw the quartet touring throughout the UK during 2018. Converting metal veterans and rock fans all over. Countless hours in the rehearsal room has paid off as they encapsulate elements of traditional metal with a new exciting style.

Having only formed in 2017 the band are a compatible machine when it comes to recording. Stepping into Outhouse Studios with John Mitchell (You Me At Six, Enter Shikari, Architects), the band tried a new approach of recording the EP live, giving listeners the real experience of their live sound. First single ‘Bitter’ is a rock infused moshers-delight. An in your face thrash metal guitar leads the track, with Celyn Beynon’s James Hetfield esque tone driving the first track right up until the fade out.

It’s easy to see why the band have commented on their influences being Iron Maiden, Metallica and Queen. Elements from each work their way into each of the bands tracks, but Black Tree Vultures dissect these influences and create something of their own.

‘No More Empathy’ is the perfect example of this new experiment of sound. It does a succinct job of combining these influences while stilling managing to provide a modern twist capable of encapsulating any generation of rock fan. This is a band who have proven they can rock as much as they can bring heavy hitting metal tracks. ‘Ode to Johanna’ is reminiscent of Down’s blues heavy ‘Temptations Wings’, it’s a dirty rock track with less fuzz and more weight.

This band show they can bring their inner rock’n’roll when writing new music, but slice it with metal influences to produce enticing bass lines, face melting solos and drilling drums.

Score: 8/10

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