RXPTRS - I | EP Review

Hardcore punks RXPTRS have been making noise in the South-West music scene for little over a year. The five-piece have worked hard to earn themselves support slots with Phoxjaw and Seœur, to name just a few. In the true spirit of DIY punk, they’re released their first EP, I, themselves, and the refined nature of each song has exceeded all of our expectations.

‘Vultures’ sets the tone with technical riffs and a harsh vocal so powerful it grabs all attention. Spanning multiple styles with one song seems a mighty feat, but this has been effortlessly achieved here, as vocalist Simon Roach switches seamlessly to a smooth yet equally powerful clean vocal. While there seems to be a lack of low end here, ‘Vultures’ is an impressive way to open this EP, setting the bar high for the following songs.

Of course, RXPTRS don’t disappoint with this release; each song offers something subtly different, ensuring that I shows the band in their truest light. The killer bassline of ‘Parasites’ accompanies Roach’s compelling vocal. The lyrics are raw and honest, with chugging guitars and pounding drums creating upbeat atmosphere. This one is sure to be killer live.

Encorporating elements from pop music, ‘Bound’ could easily be described as “a bop”. Roach delivers lyrics with a swagger that previously only Alex Turner could manage. While lyrically repetitive, the music draws you in, playing with different rhythms and guitar tones.

Each part of this EP has been carefully selected to create something that offers up a little bit of everything the five-piece are capable of. While there are a few moments that aren’t as perfected as others, the songs feel polished and sound great. It’s an impressive release for a band so early in their careers, and we’re sure it’s just a taste of what’s to come from the RXPTRS camp.

Score: 8/10

I is self released April 24th