New Years Day - Unbreakable | Album Review

Since their formation back in 2005, there has always been a strength evident within New Years Day. The four-piece, fronted by the impressive Ash Costello, have established themselves as something that needs to be acknowledged.

They grew into the metal scene with their 2013 release Victim To Villain and now they are beginning to truly flourish into their rightful place surrounded by fellow bad-ass female-fronted ensembles. The group have been teasing fans with an EP release of covers last year, but they finally unveil a new chapter of pop infused metal. What they’ve now introduced to the table is Unbreakable: 12 tracks of non-stop flair and prowess that solidifies their growing presence.

‘Come For Me’ kicks everything off on a high gear, with heavy vibrations and full-bodied launch thanks to guitars and drums. Having toured relentlessly with both Halestorm and In This Moment over the past few years, there is no surprise the feisty styles from their tour mates has rubbed off on NYD’s newer music.

The first single from the record ‘Skeletons’ shows off an infectious pop-infused tune that clearly become a stand-out track during their time on stage. Over time, the songwriting has become both more relaxed yet increasingly engaging that works well for the group. Tracks like ‘Shut Up’ allows the band to live up to their name and demonstrate a new sphere of sound that they haven’t explored considerably before.

This is an album that casual listeners of New Years Day can agree with and long-standing fans can quickly absorb and get their latest fix of incredible hooks and fresh melodies. The group have given themselves some breathing space, allowing them to produce some of the most natural sounds they have constructed to date.

Score: 9/10

Unbreakable is released April 26th via Red Music


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