Behave! Festival Announces Full Lineup!

When you think of Cornwall what do you think of? Picturesque landscapes, cosy coastal towns and countless bakeries claiming to sell the best Cornish pasties most likely. Probably not unpredictable time signatures, polyrhythmic textures and riffs so dense they could rival the mass of the biggest neutron stars. However, Behave! Festival is here to challenge that.

Taking place at the intimate Old Bakery Studios in the Cornish capital of Truro between the 29th and 30th of June, Behave! Festival is set to be Cornwall’s first multi-day event dedicated to math and noise rock. With a colossal lineup that’s boasting the wholesome riff monsters Press To Meco and the math rock legends Delta Sleep as headliners, the festival is set to bring some of the best acts within the national scene to a region often sadly neglected by the touring circuit.

Joining the headliners are the enigmatic Phoxjaw, the hedonistic Allusinlove, regional heroes Hypophora and the dearly missed For The Oracle, who shall be performing a one off reunion set at the festival.

Also set to appear over the course of the weekend are Tinned Fruit, Dead Ground, Milo Gore, Only Echoes Remain, Blank Atlas, A-tota-so, Last Hyena, Fare, Waxx, Rue, Daisy Clark, Lips, Bonetired, Hops, Majoro, Pitcher, Kaboli, Amber Falls and Oh Majester.

This year’s instalment of Behave! Festival follows the festival’s beginning in Bristol. On the subject of this year's Behave! Festival we spoke to festival head honcho Karum Cooper (Hypophora, For The Oracle) about what's happening behind the scenes.

Hey mate, can you tell us about the history of the festival?

"Behave! Festival started as a stupidly spontaneous last-minute decision in May 2018 after I had been sitting on a free date at The Louisiana, Bristol that needed filling. I gave myself 2 months to plan/book everything, got turned down by a lot of bands and agents but still managed to book a bunch of artists that I loved, and made quite the weekend of it!"

How does this year’s event compare to the other instalments of Behave! Festival?

"This year we're upscaling to a venue with twice the capacity, and hosting the festival over two days instead of just one. I also decided to bring the event down to my hometown of Truro, instead of Bristol, where it was hosted last year. We've got twice as many bands as well. It's gonna be bigger and better and all levels."

What was the decision to bring the festival to Cornwall?

"There's plenty of all day/multi-venue festivals happening throughout the year in Bristol which is great! Truro, however, has always been a little bit neglected in terms of alternative music. I wanted to re-ignite the spark for underground, alternative live music here in Kernow, showing out of county bands that there's a definite scene for this stuff down here, and give local bands the chance to play with bigger names and bigger crowds."

What artists you personally looking forward to?

"I'm looking forward to Delta Sleep so very very much. Their album Ghost City was in my top 5 albums of the year in 2018 and they're comfortably sitting among my 'favourite bands at the moment' list. So stoked that they're coming down to headline my little festival!

Phoxjaw too. They're absolute nutcases in the best way. One of the best live bands on the scene at the moment. They blew Truro away when they came down last year and I'm sure they will again.

Last Hyena, Blank Atlas, A-tota-so and Hops as well. All of whom I'm sure will go down really well.

I'm just excited for all of these amazing bands to be playing under one roof together.. and in Cornwall of all places! It's nice to be able to say that's happening on my doorstep."

Behave! Festival takes place at the Old Bakery Studios, Truro between the 29th and 30th June. Make sure you pick up a ticket and we’ll see you all down in Truro at the end of next month for some Cornish pasties, massive tunes and more than a few bevvies.