Like Satellites - Nothing Left To Say | EP Review

So far 2019 has been an absolute stellar year for Pop Punk. Rock music is now well into its renaissance with the new wave of classic rock taking centre stage, and now it’s also time to party like it’s 2002. In a good way; promise.

Nothing Left To Say is the debut EP from fast rising four piece Like Satellites; and it’s a record that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s quite the feat to produce something that conjures nostalgia yet also still sounds current, but that’s exactly what the Toronto based quartet have accomplished. You can still hear the fading strains of Warped Tour gone by, filtering through the band’s music but, at the same time, this record is as up to date and current as anything out right now.

Lead single ‘Catch My Breath’ is the standout track by a country mile. There isn’t a bad track on the record in all honesty, but that song is the one that will really take the band places. It’s a tune that can go up against anything that comes out this year and more than hold its own. It captures that feeling of teenage angst perfectly without falling into cliché and becoming a parody of itself.

‘Take This’ and ‘CA’ are also really high-quality tracks, but they can’t get near the opener. However, no song on the EP could be described as a disappointment. Nothing Left To Say feels like a statement from a band who are ready to launch themselves into the big time.

This is a debut record full of big performances, big choruses and big potential. Without question, Like Satellites are a band on the rise.

Rating: 8/10

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