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Borders – Purify | Album Review

May 15, 2019

Rowdy Lincoln outfit Borders are a group of lads that have been sure to be gracing your playlists recently; and if they have, you know they have been brewing towards their latest crushing venture, Purify, an all-out 10 track, mostly politically driven, assault - in a typical British metalcore fashion.


Off the bat, Purify defines what tracks are going to be fan favourites and what tracks are going to fade into the album unlikely to see much action. The prime example of a solid favourite would definitely be ‘A World Apart’. A metalcore album, in the scene right now, would not be complete without a huge chaos inspiring breakdown in the mid-point of this track. It rings true with titans, namely example Architects or Parkway Drive, which is accompanied throughout by just a flurry of choppy metal riffs and Djent-ish inspired vocals; and they do go well with vocalist Jordan Olifent’s crushing growls.


Another strong contender within the album, ‘Bad Blood’, just boasts of the band's ferocity. The outfit really showcase what it is they have to offer, which is sure to stir up a storm live; throwing everything they got into this track. The theme surrounding political issues, the track from start to finish feels very personal and rammed full of anger, which is sure to give a lot of people something to throw down to.


Off the back of these two firm favourites, there is definitely a filler in which some tracks struggle to find their place. Understandable, for such fresh blood, but their ambition is ever present and these guys have a lot of talent and a hunger to climb that ladder. This is definitely showing through the vast portion of these tracks.


Borders are setting their sights high following many predecessors. Purify is a collection of all their own thoughts and feelings; covering a mostly political, heath care and historical landscape. They're really trying to show off what they want their identities to be and showing maturity in the production of their tracks - like in ‘Demons Reach’. This is also an example of going through a range of a furious production of a deathcore backing speed, lashed with elements of Djent and even Nu-metal; which can seem over encumbered with too many styles, but it is an unexpected and welcomed surprise.


Upon reflection, Purify feels like Borders have moved on from previous work and seems like they are making a vastly more mature, technical and personal material. Purify will translate very well with the feeling of the genuine emotions in a good portion of the tracks. This album in no way breaking any waves in terms of new metalcore, but for sure it is going to put Borders on many people radars. Purify is the first and most crucial step to determining what kind of band Borders will be and they are willing to fight for their place on the stage. Already breaking movements in the scene, this will not be the last you see of Borders.


Score: 7/10


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