Petrol Girls - Cut & Stitch | Album Review

Since breaking onto the scene with their self-titled EP in 2016, feminist punks Petrol Girls have certainly made a mark on the industry; turning heads with their angsty yet undeniably important message. New record Cut & Stitch is just as explosive as you’d imagine, combining post-hardcore energy with passionately brutal lyrics to bring a sound that’s acquainted, yet unquestionably fresh.

We’re immediately greeted with an opening intro, discussing the depths of sound as we know it. It’s clear that these guys have taken a more experimental route on this release; placing an intro and multiple interludes throughout proves that there are no rules here, just brutally honest lyricism from start to finish.

The Sound is the epitome of angst and showcases Petrol Girls at their finest. Front woman Ren Aldridge’s vicious growl sounds as ruthless as ever, and when paired with the math-core elements that surround her, it makes for the perfect album opener. That fiery essence that we’ve become accustomed to is of course present throughout the Cut & Stitch, and is especially prominent in following single 'Big Mouth', which holds down all the ethics that this band stands for. Equality for the minorities is integral to their powerful sound, and Aldridge’s ferocity and emotional honesty as she fights back against the aged societal standard is exactly why this band appeals to the masses.

As the album progresses, there’s no leeway in vitriol. From the cathartic outpour found in 'Monstrous', to the Rolo Tomassi-esque anthem 'Burn'. Aldridge spits an intense and passionate rage, whilst math-core melodies keep the record fresh and vibrant.The spoken-word aspect of the album is a certain highlight here, with singles like 'Weather Warning' offering listeners a more personable insight into the morals of this band.

Closing single Naïve sees the album off in the only way appropriate - punchy and progressive. Rounding off this Cut & Stitch with the statement, “We’re not finished, we never fucking will be” it's a lyrical middle finger to all of the oppressors in our society.

As the title and artwork suggest, Petrol Girls have experimented and produced a fresh strand of their indisputably powerful sound, whilst still holding all the undertones that made this band so exhilarating from the start. This release more than packs a punch – a feminist-fuelled powerhouse from start to finish that cannot go unheard under any circumstance.

Score: 8/10

Cut & Stitch is out May 24th via Hassle Records