Tanith - In Another Time | Album Review

Brooklyn/Newcastle self-professed old school heavy rock act Tanith manage to tastefully and authentically resurrect the early 70s rock sound of groups like Uriah Heap and Wishbone Ash, incorporating some of the subtleties found in these bands such as elements of folk, psychedelia and prog. After issuing the teaser EP Citadel, they now bring us their debut full-length album In Another Time featuring 2 songs from Citadel (‘Citadel’ and ‘Eleven Years’) and 7 new songs.

Whilst there are clear influences from 70s heavy rock bands such as Uriah Heap, it is also apparent that there are some subtle influences from later rock and metal – for example the galloping guitar and bass lines on ‘Book of Changes’ are very reminiscent of Iron Maiden, while the ominous guitar melodies on ‘Mountain’ sound a bit like ‘Hangar 18’ by Megadeth. These heavier and comparatively more modern influences are likely due to guitarist Russ Tippins’ history in Newcastle NWOBHM band Satan. These influences are blended effectively with Tanith’s dominant sound of early 70s prog rock to help to bring a darker and more energetic edge to some songs of this album, adding variety and heaviness.

Even though are plenty of heavy riffs and fast-paced songs on this album, the album still retains a contemplative, chilled out atmosphere throughout, similar to the feel of Argus by Wishbone Ash. This atmosphere is complimented by the gentle and light folky sounding female vocals (Cindy Maynard). Meanwhile, Russ Tippins’ vocals are flexible and vary between this gentler sound and a more powerful sound (contrast the verse and chorus of ‘Eleven Years’), depending on the mood of the song or section. The dual male and female vocals recall Jefferson Airplane at times, featuring some psychedelic chilled out harmonies e.g. the verses in ‘Eleven Years’.

The final song- ‘Under the Stars (reprise)’ whilst not sounding much like the earlier song ‘Under the Stars’, is a relaxing and calming instrumental number featuring light percussion, spacey 60s sounding guitar and soft ‘aah’s in the background. This serves as a nice epitaph for this album, like the embers of a bonfire under the stars dying out.

Overall In Another Time is an affectionate and well-executed revival of early 70s prog rock, seamlessly introducing some more modern (comparatively) influences reimagined in the context of an early 70s prog rock sound. There are plenty of memorable riffs, soulful guitar solos and folky harmonies throughout to keep the listener hooked.

Would recommend for fans of: Wishbone Ash, Uriah Heap, Jefferson Airplane, Satan, Blue Öyster Cult.

Rating: 8/10

Facebook: /TanithNYC/ Bandcamp: /tanithnyc.bandcamp.com/