Throughout the past decade or so, the south west has proven itself to be a trustworthy hub for creativity, innovation and brilliance within the alternative scene. With the region having recently birthed bands such as Phoxjaw, Idles and The Saint Pierre Snake Invasion, just to name a few, it’s easy to see why the region’s respective scene is praised so highly. However, with so many bands now emerging from the territory, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for newly founded acts to distinguish themselves from the progressively deafening noise of the area. However, one such band who have had no issues navigating the troubles synonymous of establishing a name for themselves are Bristol’s Superlove; a band lauded for their charm, personality, prowess and their shared love for excessive use of gratuitous HDR imagery.

Like many bands that came before them, Superlove formed following the dismantlement of a number of fragmenting bands. “We started getting together to write early 2018 as-well as just hanging out and talking about where we wanted to take the band”, say Superlove. “It was all just really great, honestly I don’t think any of us have ever been in another room with other musicians and thought, oh yeah this is really cool. We all love each other and the first year of this band has been like the first year of a new relationship, meeting the parents was scary, but we got past it.”

Whilst their previous aforementioned bands dissolved due to contrastive creative ideals, chemistry-less relationships or just incompatible schedules, Superlove’s formation was akin to that of an ideal chemical reaction. With a shared drive and creative outlook, the trio wasted no time in drawing up irrelevant game plans. In contrast, the act utilised their shared sense of initiative, launching the band with the release of their debut track ‘Big Lies Boy’ in September all before performing with bands such as Dream State, Parting Gift and selling out headline shows all before the end of 2018.

However, in January the group seized the spotlight of their respective scene with their second single - ‘Book A Holiday’. Exotically flamboyant and with a hook like a haymaker, the track captured the attention of the hivemind of the scene with it’s warmth, magnetic charm and well-meaning swagger. Following the release the band charged around the nation, touring extensively with Dream State and Vukovi as well as playing both The Great Escape and Handmade Festival, bringing their haplessly infectious alt-rock to the populace. Following these endeavours, it’s transparently easy to see why ‘Book A Holiday’ shot up to almost 150,000 streams on Spotify.

However, the explosion of praise the act have experienced can be pinpointed down to their fantastic stage presence. In truth, the confines of the live stage is where Superlove spiritually belong. Displaying the wholesome chemistry and density of bands like Press To Meco, the youthful hyperactivity of artists such as Vukovi and the well-meaning confident swagger thats synonymous of bands such as Lower Than Atlantis and The Xcerts, Superlove have proven their ability to instantly make fans out of clueless punters with a single set.

With their name now established, the band have recently ushered in the second phase of their career with their third single ‘Greener Grass’. Idyllic and charming, it’s a clear indication of what the band are set to provide with their upcoming shows and forthcoming material. “We’re in between going to the recording studio and playing shows at the moment, getting together a bunch of new songs and listening to each other play the same parts over and over, honestly i’ve never felt closer to the sound of Alex’s snare drum”

Superlove are headlining The Louisiana, Bristol on August 1st before performing at Neverworld Festival. For the time being however, check out the video for ‘Greener Grass’ below.


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