Plague Vendor - By Night | Album Review

Californian quartet, Plague Vendor, are making their next mark on the post-punk scene with a follow-up to their 2016 full-length BLOODSWEAT. The 10-track exploration, entitled By Night, sets a new direction for the group that has only been encapsulated briefly in previous releases.

‘New Comedown’ kicks it all off with a rapid pace and steady beats that forms a sound that is exciting to the ears. They mix between varying tempos, demonstrating just a glimpse of what is in store for the remainder of the album.

Tracks such as ‘Prism’ showcases a new refined noise that still manages to maintain a comfortable juxtaposition that has defined Plague Vendor in their past musical endeavors. The energy they demonstrate with this track makes listeners excited to witness the live show that accompanies because it clearly is a lot of fun for the band to play. The weaving bass lines and drum fills keeps the listener on their toes at all times.

The album features alternating blends of Plague Vendor’s signature energy. They exhibit an array of riffs, beats and new vocal patterns, each with their own unique appeal. Buckets of charisma shine through throughout the tracks that solidifies the notion that the group is growing more confident with the music they produce.

‘Pain In My Heart’ has an eerie atmosphere built by vocal arrangements and contrasting instrumental layers. The song only further increases the intrigue and encourages the listener to hit repeat. Even if you haven’t heard the name before, Plague Vendor will surely have you hooked on their unique sounds that are displayed throughout this album.

Plague Vendor pull off an impressive accomplishment as they continue to build on what they’ve showcased previously. They’ve managed to produce something totally different yet still maintain a consistency that ties together their back catalogue with their freshest handiwork. The contemporary rawness mixes with a 60s/70s punk rock vibe and comes out the other end with a tenacious power that embodies the true essence of Plague Vendor.

Score: 7/10

By Night is out June 7th via Epitaph Records


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