Woes - Awful Truth | Album Review

Combining poppy bops with hip hop beats, UNFD’s fresh meat Woes have produced a fresh yet familiar release in Awful Truth that is set to accompany you all summer long. The Scottish boys, who are known for their classic pop-like sound, have taken their material to the next level, incorporating multiple genres to produce a refreshing take on the UK’s pop punk scene.

Album intro 'Boy' immediately offers an atmospheric spin on their newly acquired synth-pop sound, blending front man David Jess’ soft vocal tone with electro beats. This eclectic mix of genres seamlessly blending together is apparent throughout the release and works undeniably well. There's a surprising amount of musical depth here too, 'Money Shoe' channels a Don Broco-esque sound, combining heavier riffs with an RnB edge, whilst 'Fancy' sports an Issues-like blend of flawless vocal and hip-hop vibes.

Even a track like 'Cross', which feels somewhat experimental still manages to ultimately work extremely well with its heavy synth influence. It's this ability to build musical bridges that ultimately shows us why Woes are one of the best UK pop punk bands in the scene right now, combining multiple influences and styles to keep their sound as fresh and exciting as possible.

With all that said though, it's 'Fake Friends' and the title track that flex what Woes do best – an offering of bouncy pop riffs and extremely catchy choruses make for the ultimate pop rock singles. Awful Truth is filled with songs that are going to sound huge live; 'Suburbs' is totally anthemic – a huge chorus filled with melancholic edge, whereas 'Mess' offers a cathartic outpour of emotion that oozes passion. 'Gone Forever' is undoubtedly where everything comes to fruition on this record though, blending a soft synthy intro with the biggest riffs on offer.

Woes have ultimately proven that pop punk is well and truly alive in the form of Awful Truth – flawlessly blending genres and sounds to create one of the catchiest releases in pop punk right now.

Score: 8/10 Facebook:/WoesUK Twitter: @woesuk


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