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If you have been keeping an ear to the ground you will know about the somewhat controversial, let's say vocalist change, seeing powerhouse Jamie Graham depart Heart Of A Coward around two years back. Becoming an extreme strength of the band following the last venture Deliverance. The outfit was seemingly unstoppable, all following the formidable Jamie, so when the departure was announced it left fans with a bitter taste for who was to come next.

After an obscene amount of candidates this led them to Kaan Tasan from tech metal outfit No Consequence to man the helm. Bringing them to release the first single from new album The Disconnect titled 'Collapse'. Following this release it brought in the internet tidal wave, very much dividing camps. On the one hand people were refreshed by the vocal change compared to an angrier Chester Bennington (Hybrid Theory era) and harmonic guitar lines bringing in an element of maturity. Of course, the other hand is the section who condemned the band and convinced themselves that there is no return for the outfit - oh how wrong they were.

In announcement of The Disconnect, they released next single 'Drown in Ruin', this track really showed the raw crushing blows we are used to being hit with when it comes to HOAC. Groove laden guitar harmonies intertwined with a galloping pace sure to be a dominator in live shows.

However, the real start of the show is the vocals delivered by Kaan showing a more emotional, vulnerable delivery. Giving a way bigger sense on genuine connectivity to the lyrics as opposed to the sheer, undeniable confidence of Jamie. Not to say this is better or worse in any way, but it’s a breath of fresh air breaking a formula in which they were pigeon holed to and it’s really working for them rather than trying to fill the boots of who came before Kaan is making his own mark.

With the theme of the album there are tracks that everyone can connect to. 'Parasite' feels like a very personal song to Kaan. However, the very relatable high vocals again shows the openness of Kaan, which will deliver a huge sense of unity between the fanbase and the lads.

That being said, songs such as 'Ritual' Or 'Culture Of Lies' deliver a blow by blow crushing assault In which they remind us why we loved HOAC in the first place. Again the guitar lines delivered in the track are undeniable hell starters. Seeing as they sold out their debut return and album tour, it’s not hard to see why HOAC are absolutely not done yet.

Overall, The Disconnect despite coming from controversial beginnings shows so much more than a missing vocalist but an entire refresh of what it is that they are going to unleash upon us. Whether its guitar melodies, both beautiful and rage inspiring, accompanied by new kid on the block Kaan - bringing in a new sense of vulnerability in his vocals. A far departure from previous work but ultimately, he, if anything, will bring fans closer together, welcoming in the new dawn on HOAC.

Score: 9/10

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