Top 10 Bands To Watch At 2000 Trees (Part Two)

Following on the from first half of our list, here's the second part of our top 10 crucial picks for this year's 2000 Trees Festival. See you down the farm!


Over the course of it’s existence, 2000 Trees has proven itself to be one of the most inclusive festivals within the UK. Each year see’s the festival playing host to an incredibly broad range of artists that span the entirety of alternative spectrum. However, this year’s see’s the introduction of a new kind of extremity, with Trees now playing host it’s first blackgaze artist. In true Trees fashion, the festival have got one of the best artists the genre has to offer in order to represent this lucrative musical realm. Hailing from Denmark, MØL have swiftly become of the brightest flames in extreme metal, with the group’s debut record JORD being praised globally for it’s euphoric beauty and glacial brutality. Even with blackgaze being one of the most latent genres within the sphere that is alternative music, MØL have proven themselves to be capable of brining the ethereal extremity to new audience with their sheer and flawless prowess. Even if you're not accommodated to the harsh majesty of this band and their phenomenal craft this is certainly not a set to be missed.

FFO: Deafheaven, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive When, Where? Saturday, Neu Stage

The Saint Pierre Snake Invasion

If you’ve been keeping watchful eye on our posts over the past month or so you’ve probably clocked that we’re rather quite fond of the Bristolian bruisers in The Saint Pierre Snake Invasion. To be put in simply, last month the South West collective released what could very well be one of the greatest albums of the and year and celebrated the release with an album launch performance that is undoubtedly going down in local scene legend. Whilst you may have caught the band in the Cotswolds before, especially if you’re a Trees veteran, the group’s set this year is assured to be one of the highlights of this year. It’s destined to be one of those sets we will tell our grandchildren down the line, entraining our proverbial youngsters with tales of how the gentlemen in The Saint Pierre Snake Invasion once levelled The Cave in the bygone summer of 2018. Get yourself down to this set or forever live in perpetual regret and shame.

FFO: The Dillinger Escape Plane, Every Time I Die, Blink 182

When, Where? Saturday, The Cave

Muncie Girls

Another group of Trees veteran’s, the south coast trio Muncie Girls have been springing up the lineup and it’s respective stages since their first appearance at the festival in 2016. Of course, it’s no surprise that the Devon trio have secured their first main stage slot this year. Muncie Girls excel in providing idyllic and pacifying aesthetics that resonate a disposition most warm whilst still harking attention to poignant and crucially import cultural themes. Their most recent offering, the fantastic Fixed Ideals, presents this sentiment wonderfully. Despite it’s warm, pleasant and peacefully quaint indie sensibilities, the record intelligently explores cultural injustices with refined articulation. Intelligence and educated experience lie at the heart of the their craft, with the group addressing such crucial issues with effortless eloquence. In this essence, Muncie Girls are the ideal trees band; a group who embody the spirit of summer whilst remaining constantly conscious to the issues that plague both contemporary and mainstream society.

FFO: Fresh, Martha, Los Campesinos

When, Where? Saturday, Main Stage

Petrol Girls

If there’s a band that truly embody their name sake it’s Petrol Girls. Combining the explosive and righteous energy of riot grrl with the savage and relentless passion of excellent post-hardcore, the explosive collective have become the group to lead the charge for modern feminism and crucial change within the DIY circuit. With their fantastic new record Cut & Stitch under their belts, the group are both bristling and shivering with both urgency and venomous haste, with the group becoming renowned for their explosive, frank and incendiary live performances, with their show at this year’s Trees set no exception. Make sure you get down to the Cave nice and early on Thursday to see the group lacerate the patriarchy with math tinged punk dynamism.

FFO: Bikini Kill, Rolo Tomassi, Ithaca

When, Where? Thursday, The Cave


When it comes to Brutus, you either love them or you simply just haven’t experienced them. Ever since the Belgium three piece landed on our shores, the trinity have been staples of the national experimental scene, with the group’s endeavours through our lands leaving nothing but appraisal and wonder in their wake. However, even with the group’s early years being highly successful, the group truly came into a realm of their own earlier this year with their phenomenal sophomore record Nest. Translucent, majestic and spellbinding, Nest is a masterclass of progressive dynamism. Within the release the group interweave post-rock, shoegaze and artistic progression with almost arcane skill, with their live shows only amplifying such qualities to otherworldly levels. It’s almost a bit unfair and cruel that the group are gracing the main stage so early on the Friday for their peers following them are going to have one of hell challenge following up their set.

FFO: Astronoid, Arcane Roots, Marmozets

When, Where? Friday, Main Stage


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