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There are many frequencies that have comprised the spectrum of Metal throughout the years, some fading away and others proving persistent. Few have had the longevity of Thrash, with bands like Evile, Gama Bomb, Municipal Waste and Power Trip providing some excellent contemporary contributions throughout the last decade. Motive are here to remind you that Thrash Metal is still very much alive and seeking to invade our airwaves. Fight the World is an album as scorching as its place of birth: Phoenix, Arizona. It's relentless and laden with pace. The album does not aim to blaze new trails or meet any trends, rather Motive deliver their own genuine blend of Thrash Metal.

Mike Niggl’s vocals cut through the mix like a sawblade throughout the record. There is a fine assortment of highs, mids and lows that match the tempo and beat of the tracks with aplomb. Niggl demonstrates expert control of his pitched screams throughout the album, with ‘An Act of God’ in particular contrasting melodic and powerful vocals over a fast and heavy rhythm. Opening track ‘Thrash Priest’ has its own example of forcefully delivered vocal rhythms too - anthemic yet fierce.

It has to be said that Fight the World provides a respectable degree of contrast throughout its 10 tracks, especially when you consider its genre of origin. ‘One With the Water’ flings the listener from death metal-esque hammer on riffs into a bluesy chorus, but it's ‘Evil of the Devil’ that lives as Fight The World's magnum opus. There is no more effective pre-text for annihilation than opening a thrash track with a clean section. Motive do not hold back on demonstrating the extent of their abilities on this song, from Niggl’s vocal range to guitarist Steven Buschart leading the attack with some very tight riffs and melodic, memorable solo parts.

As one of the more integral parts of a thrash record - it has to be said that the drums here remain punishing throughout, with beat man Wyatt Henderson providing a reliable rumble across all 10 tracks. Though somewhat disappointingly you could argue that missing, perhaps, is a stand out bass performance. Whilst Thrash often relies on a mix of treble heavy riffing, there is space here for some more low end sonic variation.

Fight the World is an album for fans of Thrash Metal by fans of Thrash Metal, and followers of the genre are guaranteed to find something here. This may not be an album for anyone looking to find anything groundbreaking or trend setting, but is nevertheless a solid effort from Motive.

Score: 7/10 Facebook:/MotiveAZ


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