Kid Kapichi - Sugar Tax | EP Review

Currently we are experiencing a new era of confusion and uncertainty with the likes of our political leaders and the warped image of modern society as a result of the influence social media has on everyday living. Artists nowadays are using their music to frame their disdain against how the world has turned out thus far in the 21 century. Kid Kapichi encompass this concept on their latest EP Sugar Tax.

This EP wishes to provide a brief escape from the doom and gloom of reality by equipping social commentary with blistering riffs, infectious melodies and mammoth choruses. Having started out as a band in 2014, Kid Kapichi have had plenty of time to firmly establish their sound, as a blurred mix of heavy alt rock and new age punk into the heart of the UK rock scene.

Each track provides its own uniqueness but falls under the distinct sound the band has already established. Take ‘Glitterati’ for example - a track that provides enormous riffs, but is very much a pop song; where as ‘2019’ chugs along developing into a punk/alt rock hybrid excreting anguish and anger via the lyrics. ‘Make it on your own’ is the grittiest of the five tracks though, boasting energy from start to finish with a chorus transporting you to a sweaty sardine tin venue, screaming back at the stage.

The band have been busy touring with a range of artists whose ears have pricked up to the string of singles released in the run up to Sugar Tax. Sharing the stage with the likes of Slaves, Rat Boy, The Blinders and Fat White Family to name a few, they are tearing their way into the ear canals of rock lovers nationwide.

Sugar Tax perfectly frames the bands notorious live atmosphere, a mass of chaos, excitement and down to earth rock music, and you'd have to imagine that this band is set to soar high in the near future. Kid Kapichi have hit the ground running here with an EP that is almost certain to land with force and shoot them into the upper echelon's of contemporary rock.

Score: 8/10 Facebook:/KidKapichi Twitter: @KidKapichi