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In a constant state of anger, confusion, disgust and disenchantment the last few years have instilled into the fabric of today’s hot topics and general conversation on both sides of the Atlantic, the inspiration from such a turbulent time in human history seems to be bursting at the seams from the latest addition to Sum 41’s discography in the form of Order in Decline.

Although the name may suggest quite a negative perception with such a blunt and pessimistic viewpoint, no such hindrance can be identified within this 10 track disgruntlement time bomb filled to the brim with suggestive libertarian war chants to captivate a nation of distressed and jaded souls.

Written in the first 3 weeks after finishing off the “Does This Look Infected?!: 15th Anniversary Tour” regiment, Order in Decline harbours some serious old school Pop Punk sensibilities with a new hard hitting and fresh edge to incite even the most reserved concert goers a deep fire inside that ends with them being thrown into a mosh pit. Although it has been stated time and time again by Deryck Whibley that this album is not a fully fledged political barrage against the current bigot in chief, there is no denying the inspiration for such tracks as ‘Out For Blood’, ’45 (A Matter of Time)’ and ‘The People Vs...’ strays far beyond the realms of ambiguity with such lyrics depicting the haemorrhaging of public power behind modern democratic process, as well as calling the pinnacle antagonist a “total abomination”, while toying with the head of the oval office’s obsession with “The Wall” by basically calling it a laughable protection plan.

Although the fundamental undertones to this album speaks to a large sway of the population yearning to eradicate the orange stain from the White House, one truly defiant and powerful song breaks away from the depressing story arch at play, through the inclusion of ‘Never There’.

'Never There' is a curious addition, considering how fraught with emotional turbulence the track retains while the narrator talks about separation anxiety through the guise of being exceptionally numb. Hypocritical as it may, considering the two sides of the emotional coil being on full display throughout, the track still remains enchanting with the token Sum 41 charm injected into every ballad entry on their discography. It is a perfect example of softened emotional availability that has kept Sum 41 in high demand amongst their Pop Punk and Post-Hardcore values.

As much as this album has a definite message and viewpoint on full display, screaming at you at times, the only downside to this predominately maniacal discovery is the connection between certain tracks that seem to resemble close to naught in regards to the majority of tracks sticking with the overreaching framework. In stating this, each track on this album represents something powerful and stands alone from each other, which is quite the feat to master especially having the entire album completely written in just three weeks.

Mr Whibley has proved once again that his artistry is that of legendary with his Pop Punk contemporaries, as the suggestion can be made that he and his fellow band mates have entered into an inspiration renaissance with this latest release and the warm reception from critics and fans alike with Sum’s 6th studio album 13 Voices. It’s a truly breathtaking ride, regardless of its faults and will truly represent a new era for Sum 41 that will resonate when blasting it through your speakers alone in your bedroom or experiencing it in the flesh when they come to a town near you.

Score: 8/10

Order In Decline is out Friday 19th via Hopeless Records


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