Reptilium – Conspiranoic | EP Review

Sometimes grindcore is hard hitting and fast. By the very nature of extreme metal, being an underground genre of metal, there is the edge of the ...other. Reptilium are a South American band that are parts grindcore and death metal, but with an edge that reminds one of bands like The Berzerker: all dirty and with an industrial twinge.

This little EP, Conspiranoic, is a blemish of dirty death metal. It's disgusting and hard hitting. Several walls smashing together in four tracks. Hard and fast, blunt and brief, back and in. Whats surprising is the moments that the tracks beat into a rhythm that is almost melodic. It is an almost awkward EP, but in a way that is also unique. The four tracks slam together in a forceful and atmospheric little nightmare that takes a full-on aggression into the pieces of metal that is thrown at you.

Exemplifying the best in industrial grindcore, a la a more extreme The Berzerker, are tracks like 'Viral Combustion' and 'Just a Machine'. Before these tracks an argument could be made for more traditional metal. But here, it's fierce and violent, and the samples and industrial distortions take full force. They are Reptilium realised.

It's a strange little EP but a wave forward in the more interesting realms of grindcore, death metal or extreme metal generally. It just falls short of its aims in an awkwardly and violently slapped together little release.

Score: 7/10

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