Sœur: The 2000 Trees 2019 Interview

Photo: Gareth Bull

Sœur are making waves at the moment. Their math rock infused grunge sound is huge and their upcoming release is hotly anticipated. We caught up with them after they stepped up to play both the Main Stage and The Cave at 2000 Trees this year to chat about new music and what’s really pushing them as a band right now.

Hey guys, how have your sets been this weekend?

Tina Maynard (Guitar/Vocals): The Cave went really well. I think we had to get rid of a few pesky butterflies that were fluttering around.

Anya Pulver (Guitar/Vocals): They came back, to be fair.

Tina: They did come back but I think a lot of them were taken away. Then the Main Stage, that was obviously really cool.

What were the differences between playing Main Stage and playing The Cave?

Tina: The Cave stage is so nice. When you get maybe 50 people that really know the songs, the sound bounces around the tent and you can hear it’s really loud. Whereas on the main stage everything just disappears, you can’t hear people singing as loudly as they do in the Cave. It made me appreciate how good you have to be…

James Collins (Drums): You can hear everything…

Tina: Yeah, when people are singing at a main stage, it’s going to be loud. The Main Stage is more nerve-wracking because there’s more people. There were a lot of people just quietly listening, just sat down, so tentative, it’s weird. They don’t leave, but they watch intensely for the whole set.

Anya: I feel like, as a whole we’re not big enough to play the Main Stage…

Tina: Well, we’re not.

Anya: A band just pulled out and we got asked if we wanted the slot. Obviously. we were like “yeah!”. We wouldn’t be here otherwise.

You’ve kind of already answered this, but is there any more you can tell us about what you’ve learnt here this weekend?

Tina: I saw Vukovi play a couple of bands before us and she’s just an amazing frontwoman. She (Janine Shilstone) just taps into what the crowd are feeling so they’re not shy of expressing what they feel… Whereas a lot of bands, when they come out really hype-y it makes people feel even more nervous about letting go than they were before. Whereas she can just tap into what makes you want to go crazy…

You guys have a new EP out soon. Is there anything you can tell us about that?

Tina: No Show is five tracks recorded last November, so quite a long time ago now. Especially when you take into account that we wrote these songs ages before we recorded them. They do seem quite old to us now. It’s more of the same really, isn’t it?

Anya: Yeah.

Tina: Our stuff, you can’t say what it is. So, it’s more of that, you don’t know what it is. There’s no formula that we’re working to.

Anya: Production-wise, we went for a slightly different angle, I think. The Fight EP was really raw and rough around the edges. This one is a bit more polished, we’ve got better amps and know how to get our sound a bit better.

Sweet. What’s the main driving force behind Sœur at the moment, then?

Anya: It’s just music, isn’t it? Yeah, there’s the personal level, then what you want as a career…

Tina: Like some people say you shouldn’t mix your passion with work because then the passion becomes work… But I don’t know, I just love it. I don’t know what it is about it, it’s just quite nice. I think at this level it seems quite nice. Can you imagine being like Justin Bieber? I don’t want that, so… I want to do stuff like this, I don’t want to be like Justin Bieber – he can’t walk anywhere!

How has your year so far been?

Tina: We’ve done a tour.

Anya: Yeah, quite early this year.

Tina: Then obviously we were trying to push the EP, Fight. In comparison to other years, our first half of this one has been chill, we’ve not really had much on.

Has it been nice?

Tina: Yeah, it’s been nice to try and write some stuff.

Anya: It actually gives us a chance to!

Tina: We usually don’t have time – we have to do band admin! I’d love someone to do the band admin for us, that would be good so we can just focus on music.

Anya: I think we spend more time doing admin than we do playing music!

Tina: We do everything…

Anya: We print our own t-shirts, post out our merch.

Tina: Make all our artwork, make posters, answer emails asking for interviews… Well, actually Devil PR have been really good at sorting all that out.

Anya: They’ve taken a chunk out of our hands, cheers boys!

So what’s next after releasing your EP?

Tina: We’re writing for an album, so I guess that’s next. This EP is being released in September, we don’t know an exact time. We’re supporting a band called Saint Agnes in October, we’ve got lots of festivals as well. We’re playing Boomtown which should be quite fun. Then we’re writing loads of new material so whether that becomes an album or whether that becomes anything else, we’ll see.

Anya: Basically, we will do an album at some point.

James: Yep, there’s an album on the cards.

Sweet, we look forward to that! Thanks so much for your time, guys!

Sœur will be tearing around the country later this autumn in support of Saint Agnes. Check the dates below!


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