DZ Deathrays - Positive Rising: Part 1 | Album Review

Brisbane-based group DZ Deathrays are no stranger to the music scene. Having been a band for ten years and put out a number of EPs and full-length records as a duo, they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Their 2018 album Bloody Lovely catapulted the band into the touring spotlight; taking on headline festival spots, along with some of the biggest venues of their career to-date. Following this hectic touring schedule, they are ready to share their newest addition to their growing catalogue.

With the growth of the band and the addition of a third member, DZ Deathrays are back with Positive Rising: Part 1. With less restraints and more experience under their belt, the new album is something that has allowed the group to reach new heights and explore new song ideas and musical dynamics.

It all kicks off with ‘Hi Everyone’, an aptly named track that introduces the new record with an atmospheric build-up, leading into something much bigger. Further along the line, the first single, ‘In-To-It’, offers an explosive concoction of unstoppable rhythms and fierce vocals. It’s a refined sound that speaks volumes, while still maintaining their distinct originality.

‘Year of the Dog’ shows off the collaborative effort that has helped form the album. Featuring The Bronx’s Matt Caughthran, it is a gnarly track with chunky riffs and matching vocals. ‘Silver Lining’ brings it all to a close with a confident rhythm that proves to be extremely catchy. Simple beats only further accentuate what the band have to offer through an amalgamation of varying sounds. The track ends with a drum solo that links nicely back into the first track in a full circle.

With Positive Rising: Part 1 the trio have built up on what has previously been explored. They’ve clearly put plenty of thought into the layers and development of the individual instrumental roles, as well as narrative told through the musical progression. Overall, the album has plenty to be enticed by and we’ve still got a lot more to get excited about when it comes to DZ Deathrays.

Score: 7/10

Positive Rising: Part 1 Is Out August 30th via Alcopop! Records


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