Anavae Reveal Debut Album Details

London based duo Anavae have released details on their new album, released a new single, and announced a one-off live date.

The record is set to be titled 45 and is scheduled for a November 1st 2019 release via Wolf At Your Door Records. The release of the album will be supported by a one-off live date at St Pancras Old Church on 31st October 2019.

'Not Enough' is the bands first single taken from 45, and guitarist Jamie Finch claims the track was a turning point in the Anavae journey. “This was supposed to be the last song I would ever write, we were half way through writing the album and sat down with Pete (Miles - producer) to go through the 50+ demos we had put together to form the rest of the album. We listened to every single one of them...and I suddenly realised that I had grown to completely hate the music I was writing and that maybe I wasn’t ready to be doing an album after all. It was a long, crappy drive back to London after that revelation. After being home for a couple weeks, I had given up on music. But I just wanted to get one last idea that had been in my head for a few years recorded and out of the way. I felt like once I had done that, I could move on and leave my music days behind me. That idea was the first minute or so of ‘Not Enough.’ The lyrics that Becca (Need-Menear - vocals) came up with resonated very strongly with me - so I knew I had to stop moping around and finish the track.

You can check out 'Not Enough' below:

The duo have also revealed full track listing for 45, which you can find below:

‘45’ TRACK LISTING: 1. Afraid 2. Human 3. Skeleton 4. High 5. Shy Girls 6. Not Enough 7. Never Want To Love Again 8. Hold On 9. Dirt 10. Smile 11. California