Introducing... Fairway

The latter half of this year bears witness to the first stop on an exhilarating journey for London Alt Rock/Pop Punk newcomers Fairway, with their debut single ‘Fade Away’ being released across all major streaming platforms TODAY. In addition the band are set to drop their debut EP early next year.

Consisting of four best friends pumping out some proper old school anthems with pop punk sensibilities Fairway wrap their sound up in a galvanised alternative twist and deliver some ever yearned for 2000’s nostalgia reminiscent of an early day Mallory Knox cross-fertilised with a late-noughties ‘Love Drunk’ era of Boys Like Girls.

After six months of playing the rounds and growing their fan base Fairway took a DIY approach that tackled the scene with a ground up approach. Marty (lead guitar and vocals), Kiel (bass), Jack (guitar) and Joe (drums) have truly impressed the undernourished ex-emo scene as well as garnered plenty of praise from industry experts from such names as platinum selling producers Tom Allom and Andy Whitmore as well as the BAFTA award winning audio engineer Nigel Heath.

For such an important milestone moment in the band history to unearth such an overwhelmingly warm reception from experts and fans alike, with their high octane live shows and infectious sound, they truly inhabit what it takes to invigorate a new generation of music lovers who are crying out for something new and real within this overproduced and under-inspired musical soundscape. This is made even more impressive when considering Fairway’s conception was the beginning of this year!

With such a great first impression in the bag,and given the way things are shaping up Fairway are definitely ones to watch over the next year and beyond. We know we’ll be watching closely.

Check out the brand new single 'Fade Away' below:


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