Introducing... Glass Heart

So here is a band you likely won't have heard of yet but that doesn't mean you don't know who they are... Ushering in a new era to bolster and strengthen the Welsh scene further and rising from the ashes of South Wales' own Breathe In The Silence come rock trio Glass Heart. When the guys in BITS took a hiatus it wasn't long until new music came through the fray in the form of 'Perpetual Motion'. The song felt like a shift from their previous sound and really pushed away from their rock laden anthems and towards a more atmospheric feel whilst maintaining their core sound. Following this came a silence (excuse the pun) and from this emerged Glass Heart.

We asked the band why they chose to begin releasing new music under Glass Heart and not Breathe In The Silence. "When we re-grouped as BITS earlier this year, although we played some amazing shows and playing the old stuff was a joy, its hard to get your head around it when you’ve been playing the same 2 EP’s for 7 years. We felt we needed to go forward with something new without the constraints and expectations of BITS, something fresh and exciting for us to sink our teeth into - too many times we would tour and be playing the old songs like ‘Forget The Light’, which became very monotonous for us! A fresh outlook and a new challenge is exactly what we needed, although its hard to leave what we had been working so hard towards behind."

Made up of Adamross Williams (Vocals), Nathan Campfield (Guitar) and Jake Bowen (Bass) the trio have given their first taste of what this chapter will involve which has come in the form of "How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye?" The song itself is definitely a sonic departure from the material produced under BITS but there is still a relatable factor in the form of Adamross Williams vocals. That said, the vocal dexterity and range he demonstrates in the song is unlike anything you will have heard prior. The band clearly have their fire back and it shows. So did the move to Glass Heart change the way things were done (writing/recording process)? "Things have definitely changed in regards to the writing process, we feel more freely about the parts we write and they are wrote completely with the same idea in mind for all of us 3 - We really pigeon holed ourselves with our last projects so if anything, going forward this new outfit is all about experimentation and trying new things musically. We feel though we have our musical freedom back and are not held back by the restraints we gave ourselves when we were in our old beginnings. Its exciting to be back at square one again, we have no idea how writing more new music is going to go!"

So what can we look forward to in the future?

"You can look forward to a lot of new music - one of the things we are taking a new perspective on with this new outfit is ensuring that we put out as much new and good music as possible. The old model of EP’s and writing an album is dead, its all about using your music to communicate with people, and we will be doing that with the plethora of singles that are to come, we have so much prepared and in store for everyone you wouldn’t believe! This project has been under wraps over the last 6 months at least and we’ve been working tirelessly to get the best music possible - Our debut ‘How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye’ should be a good inclination of what is to come! We can’t wait to give this to a live audience." says guitarist Nathan Campfield.

So there you have it. Sit tight and strap in because the future of Glass Heart looks extremely promising!

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