Sœur - No Show | EP Review

The brilliant three-piece math grunge group Sœur have released their third EP, No Show. Building on the foundations of 2018’s Fight EP, No Show offers a fleeting glace into Sœur’s world of personal growth, neatly wrapping it up in grunge-infused guitar riffs.

The EP’s title track is comprised predominantly Sœur’s signature sound. Huge riffs quickly submit to stunning sultry vocals before exploding into a cleverly melodic chorus. Tina Maynard and Anya Pulver’s contrasting vocals are gripping, each offering different words and emotions to this piece, including a sense that the three have been working to better themselves.

‘Do What I Want’ offers yet more of Sœur’s unique genre-bending riffs while ‘Better’ hints at a more delicate side to the band. Opening with subtle guitars and a beautifully controlled vocal, the story of growth here is beautiful. The guitar quickly changes to a louder, more brash tone which compliments the softer vocals perfectly.

‘For You’ offers listeners another glimpse into Sœur’s gentler side. The movement from verse to chorus is predictable but the sadness and emotion present in vocals of the second verse is a wonderful surprise.

No Show offers two sides to Sœur; they’re bold and brash with explosive power in both instruments and vocals, yet they can be delicate and show their talent in understated riffs and lyrics fuelled by emotions. While it doesn’t offer any new sides to this already multifaceted band, No Show is polished and perfected, taking this Bristol three-piece’s back catalogue up a notch.

Score: 7.5/10

No Show Is Self Released September 23rd