The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds: Track By Track With SeeYouSpaceCowboy

Despite only forming in 2016, San Diego’s SeeYouSpaceCowboy have burst into the spotlight of the DIY metalcore scene with energy and fervour most bands can only dream of possessing. Amalgamating metalcore sensibilities from throughout the history of the genre whilst adding their own characteristic dynamics, the punishing quintet have swiftly become a rallying point for those oppressed by our current global sociopolitical climate, with the group forcing the brilliant extremity that’s within the alternative queer scene into the public eye. With the group having just released their fantastic debut long play, The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds, we recently got in touch with the band, where vocalist Connie Sgarbossa detaled the inspirations, messages and meanings behind each track on the album.

Armed With Their Teeth "This song deals with the ever-present notion of external forces that continually keep marginalised individuals trapped in a system of oppression. It serves as a rallying call for those suffering to stand up against their own suffering as well as the idea that the greater population turns a blind eye to the injustices that these groups face. Those who ignore the cries of the oppressed and refuse to use their own personal power to aid in a cause they claim they are sympathetic to really aren’t doing anything but pandering to a greater movement that they claim to be a proud part of. But that aside the song closes with the (in my opinion) most important thing to take away “The shackled wolves have these dreams of freedom, sink your teeth into your captor.”

With High Hopes and Clipped Wings

"Looking back on old relationships is often a difficult thing, we want to remember every good positive thing that came from relationships that we cherish but its often important to no ignore the less pleasurable dynamics that exist. The lyrics of this song start off just essentially describing the self destructive and negative aspects within ourselves but changes tone when then shifting the idea that you can look at someone who is struggling and try to help all you want but in that path you can often overlook your own issue you need to deal with. There in lies a problem when the notion of how can you save someone else when you can’t save yourself comes to light, “like reaching hands that never connect.” Disdain Coupled With A Wide Smile

"Again coming back to a political angle this song touches on the complacency of those who claim they are just following orders when they commit actions against the population of people they claim to be protecting led by an old guard with outdated ideals. We need to cast out an old era of thinking to usher in a new era safe for those ideals we hold dear in a continually evolving social standard and acceptance. “We’ll bleed the ties of their rule.” Prolonging The Inevitable Forever "Existential Dread is a thing that is very hard to process, the idea that at our core we are completely free and devoid of inherent meaning is a extremely daunting thing to deal with. this song deals with the idea that floats into my head that ultimately this existence devoid of all that is cruel, its the losing side of a struggle I often go through with a periodic conclusion I come to that i try to keep at bay with a more accepting attitude but every do often of course the weight (or lack there of) of it all can come crashing down on you, “there’s no solace in this meaningless existence." Late December "This is straight forward depiction of my battle with accepting the loss of someone who was very important to me. There isn’t anything cryptic here or a hidden meaning. This is purely my regret and grief and struggle to come to terms with loss. “we never believed in heaven, but I still hope you are in that house by the beach”

Put On A Show, Don’t Let Them See You Fall :Mental illness is a thing that many people hold as a sense of shame, but I don’t think it’s something you need to be ashamed of. It’s something that I struggle with but this song first chronicles the struggle to keep these things hidden, but also calls out the inability people have to empathize with those who struggle. It’s not that you are broken, but simply a different embodiment of what we call human. But ultimately the thing to take away from this song is even if you struggle with mental illness you don’t have to hide you don’t have to appear “normal” to be a person. “Don’t be afraid to exist” Dissertation Of An Idle Voice "It’s really easy to look back at an older time and think things were so good back then and want to repeat that in current times, but people fail to see how that can be damaging and regressive. The faulting of progress makes people want to cling to something else that worked rather than actually push through to discover a new standard that betters society. This applies to individuals and in that way people don’t realize the standards that put on people are more damaging rather than beneficial. the outside pressure can create a sense of suffocation on a new generation seeking a better existence and stifle those who can go on to create beautiful things. “there’s such beauty in writing your part” The Phoenix Must Reset "This song somewhat ties in the with the last. This deals with the idea of watching your own passions die in front of you because you felt that you couldn’t grab and hold on. The idea that your passion isn’t good enough to pursue so you are pressured to watch it burn in front you. But no one can tell you what is or isn’t worth anything in your life, that’s for you to decide. “The fire won’t burn you down, you can claim it”

The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds is out now via Pure Noise Records


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