Novacub - Future Echoes | EP Review

Caked in metaphorical glitter whilst playfully resonating a childlike level of excitement, the London foursome Novacub have already found themselves the subject of a dotted following despite only forming last year. Featuring members of the indie-rock colossus that is Bloc Party, the indie-pop quartet have already found themselves playing alongside some of the industry's most established acts, including The Xcerts, Futureheads and even Kaiser Chiefs. However, the band have even greater goals within their collective scope, endeavours they will ultimately accomplish with their forthcoming debut EP Future Echoes.

With it’s wholesome hyperactivity and colourful swagger, Future Echoes is a jubilant form of escapism from the stressful turmoil of modern life. EP opener ‘I Still Need It’, projects the group’s buoyant character and aesthetic with animated charm, with it’s danceable sugar coated indie riffs marring against the aspirational vocals of frontwoman Louise Bartle. ‘Wait Up’ provides a slightly more nuanced look at Novacub, with it’s reserved and minimalistic indie-rock structures paving the way for exotic star dotted synths.

However, it’s the previously released singles ‘Strike’ and ‘We Don’t Care’ that portray the true character of Novacub. Tastefully energetic, these singles take the force, sass and empowering swagger found within group’s such as Vukovi, Souer and Yonaka and interweave it flawlessly with riotous indie-pop sensibilities and adolescent vitality. Despite these tracks projecting an infectious level of punchy strength, the primary focus of these tracks is clearly to incite riotous dancing among listeners, a goal that will no doubt be accomplished live.

EP closer ‘End Of The World’ see’s Novacub acknowledge our chaotic sociopolitical landscape via the means of indie inspired rap that’s reminiscent of trendsetters such as Lilly Allen and Kate Bush. Despite this, there’s withdrawn and contemplated melancholy within this closer, with the track flowing between sparkling clarity and urbanite frustration in a fashion that’s fluid and engaging on a subconscious level. In all, Novacub have delivered a fantastic debut Future Echoes. A haplessly danceable yet culturally conscious release that radiates charm and youthful swagger, Novacub are destined to each lofty heights with Future Echoes in their arsenal.

Score: 8/10

Future Echoes Is Released October 3rd Via LAB Records