Tirade - Nothing Dramatic | EP Review

Since 2016’s self-titled EP, Mancunian quartet Tirade have been relatively quiet. However, newest EP Nothing Dramatic is sure to bring these boys back to life, offering a fun yet smooth and mature approach to new wave pop punk.

The opening, and title track channels early Lower Than Atlantis from the off, providing infectious energy and downbeat punchy riffs to compliment their clear punk influence. It's a brand of musicianship that shines throughout the release; these guys incorporate angsty vocals with contagious hooks to keep listeners on their toes.

'To Be Honest' embodies all of the aforementioned points, and is the clear pop punk anthem of the EP, channelling all of the generics, it’s an easy highlight of this release. 'NAME' sticks out as a strong point too with its delicious riffs that remain soft and bouncy, whilst its vocals are forgivable in their melodic escapades. It's a track that portrays a kind of naive freedom – a definite crowd favourite in the making.

Whilst the majority of the release channels this pop punk theme, 'No Time' puts all of the focus on Jake Tilley’s soft and sleek vocals, and when paired with the surrounding relaxed riffs, makes for the matured sound we’ve been craving. This maturity Is carried through to 'Burned Out' too, which takes on an early Don Broco-esque style, offering a funky chorus which is bursting with character.

Closing single 'Well Spent' is 3 minutes of erratic energy, drawing hints of math rock, metal and pop punk to birth an angsty yet slick track that compliments this release perfectly. Tirade seem to have found the perfect balance between maturity and teenage angst, proving that they’ve got much more to offer.

Score: 8/10


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