The Scourge - Warrant For Execution | Album Review

The metal scene is rife with both artists trying to push genre boundaries and those who bring a more tried and tested sound to the table. At times this can leave listeners longing for the best of both worlds: a sound perfected with modern technique, production and finesse. Texas 3 piece The Scourge have had their shot at this with Warrant for Execution, and it's a well aimed shot at that.

Thrash revival has brought a slew of great bands over the last 10 years or so, with many other artists perhaps falling under the radar. Whilst a passion for classic tunes is always important, perhaps the most important part of delivering a modern take on music from yesteryear is technical mastery. This is an album chock-full of that, with blistering riffs, scorching vocal delivery, rumbling bass and thumping drums.

Lead guitarist and vocalist Andrew Atwood shines throughout this record, with an incredibly impressive vocal range. There are harsher parts contrasted with magnificent falsetto segments throughout ensuring the tracks don’t run out of steam. And, of course: what would the 80s and 90s inspired be without gang vocals too? Warrant For Execution isn't over-saturated with them though - the vocal composition on this record is truly diverse and varied.

Within the clearly classic thrash inspired elements of this album there are enough parts that stand out to justify this record’s originality. Opening track ‘Progressive Forms’ has a wide selection of galloping riffs with instrumental sections that really shine. These melodic sections of the album are incredibly satisfying to delve in to, no guitar solo on this album outstays its welcome or fails to compliment the tracks that they grace. And like all good thrash metal, Garrick Smith’s bass does not just replicate riffs an octave below throughout the album, but compliments the quality instrumental display on offer.

Warrant for Execution is on one hand a lot of fun, perhaps sending listeners back to their youth with some nostalgic elements across the tracks. However, The Scourge have cast their net wide to shape their own sound. Fans of classic thrash definitely have a lot to shout about with this release, but with that said there is also something here that makes the album stand out from other throwback-esque acts. It is absolutely not easy to create such a stand out release when working with an already well explored genre, however The Scourge have absolutely smashed it with Warrant for Execution and listeners might find themselves surprised with a listen.

Score: 9/10



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