Slow Crush - Ease (Reissue) | EP Review

Recognising the roots of a band can be a rewarding journey to see how far they have come and commend previous accomplishments. And that’s exactly what Slow Crush are doing with their latest release. Following their debut full-length album Aurora in 2018, the Belgian shoegazers are re-releasing the EP that started it all for them: Ease.

Their ability to transport listeners to faraway landscapes during the duration of each track exhibits their ease with the sound they have assembled over their active years. Tracks such as ‘Dizzy’ play homage to the indie genre from the 80’s and 90’s, while still managing to mould something unique of their own. ‘Dizzy’ plays through a world of imagination, taking the listener through a fusion of emotions.

There’s plenty of dreamlike progressions shown throughout the EP, including the enchanting sounds that form ‘Linger’; a track that feels like two complementing halves, each as alluring as the other. We begin with a soft, calming combination of echoing guitars and delicate vocal arrangements. Then leading further into a bigger and fuller sound that washes tranquillity over any who hears, much like the predeceasing melodies.

Following the four familiar tracks from the original release is four accustomed live tracks, including an alternate version of ‘Sway’. The track starts off with the familiar drifting guitars, this time with a further relaxed tempo, accentuating the bold drum beats and emphasising the vocals.

The Part Time Punks live tracks also features an re-appearance from ‘Tremble’, ‘Aurora’ and ‘Glow’, all taken from the full-length release from 2018. ‘Glow’ brings the entire EP to a close, with a larger energy and bigger intensity, that lays in contrast with some tracks heard previously in the EP, yet it still ties everything together beautifully.

This is a definite must-listen for Slow Crush fans and will also put the debut material back into the spotlight for fresh ears to take hold. Prepare to be engrossed by what Slow Crush have to offer within this celebration of what they’ve achieved so far, and what is still yet to come.

Score: 7/10

The Reissue of Ease Is Out October 25th Via Holy Roar Records