Lande Hekt - Gigantic Disappointment | EP Review

A solo venture can be an exciting one. The commencement of Lande Hekt’s own venture lies in the form of debut EP Gigantic Disappointment. Widely known for her part in the loveable indie rock trio Muncie Girls, Lande experiments with 80’s influences for a fresh perspective on what we’ve heard from her previously.

Recorded during a time in Australia with Ben David of The Hard Aches, the seven track EP takes a route away from the norm and into a more personal journey for Lande. It’s a new experience for the multi-talented instrumentalist, initiating the first time Lande addresses every element in the formation of the record. Being able to personally shape the guitars, drums, bass and vocals presents an opportunity for careful formation and precision in each track.

It all starts with the soft acoustic melodies and echoing vocals from ‘Wake Up’. The opener is a relaxing foundation with sombre undertones; the two ambiences complementing each other wonderfully. It’s a whimsical track that delightfully introduces Lande Hekt as a solo artist.

The riffs are chunky and charming in ‘The Future’; a track which tackles real-life head-on. Confronting the issues and hardships within politics, climate change and sobriety, to name a few, ‘The Future’ is an eye-opening reminder that time is not plentiful. The pace is excitable, and the guitars mimic the vocal pattern, further embedding the catchy hooks into every listener’s memory.

Muted tones and eager drum beats introduces the first single released from the EP, ‘Carpet’. It’s another melodious addition that explores vibrating riffs and exciting percussion.

‘Letter’ yields a more stripped back approach, with Lande’s distinct velvety vocals to accompany it. Title track ‘Gigantic Disappointment’ winds the whole collection to a satisfying close. There’s a marvellous self-production value behind the formation of each song that makes the overall result even more likeable.

There is, understandably, some familiarity within the vocal arrangements and instrumentals that correlates with the Muncie Girls we have grown accustomed to; but this new venture for Lande offers much more than what is says on the tin. Gigantic Disappointment is quite the opposite of its title, rather, it is an impressive debut product from an incredibly creative and innovative musician wanting to create more sounds for the world to enjoy.

Score: 8/10

Gigantic Disappointment Is Self Released November 15th.


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