Live Review: Moonspell, Rotting Christ & Silver Dust | Islington Assembly Hall, London | 29/10/1

Moonspell, Extreme Metallers known for their theatrical performances and unique blend of Metal genres, are thick on tour and storm London with Rotting Christ and Silver Dust. The Islington Assembly is a large venue and it befits bands who are large, bombastic and perhaps even epic. Silver Dust are a Swiss Rock band and their stage presence immediately sets the tone. A multi-media performance combining interactive videos with their live show, it boasts a larger than life stage presence that builds up their performance in a way that their music might not be able to. It's a visual treat and makes for a memorable performance. Backing this the band clearly enjoy what they bring to the stage and it boasts a certain charisma. [7]

From theatrics to ruin. Rotting Christ have a slightly different take on the big output of performance. Their music is incredibly dark and atmospheric, laying waste to society with the drowning chants of guitars and scathing vocal rhythms. This is perhaps the darkest point of the evening. Extreme Metal taking the darkest of touches of Black Metal into something quite inspiring. Their performance is perhaps unique in being minimal but utterly charismatic. Filling the venue with the dark lights and smoke that they surround themselves with. Perhaps this was always going to be the case, their music having a dark ritual taste as if casting a curse, surrounded by candles as the world crashes around you. Songs like 'dub-sag-ta-ke', 'Fire, God and Fear' and 'Apage Satana' perhaps exemplify this atmospheric approach the most. Ringing out powerfully through the crowds. They brought a variety of songs to the stage including a few from early releases, 'The Sign of Evil Existence' as a bit of a crowd pleaser, but their performance is kept to more recent tracks and despite the powerful atmosphere, tends to blend together. [8]

Moonspell on the other hand, have a much clearer narrative to their performance. Songs being separated by Fernando Ribeiro talking to the crowd, perhaps sometimes too much about the songs. They power into their set with costumes, set and with an accompanying lantern. But, despite this the theatrics feel a little left behind for a more musically focused approach. Many songs come from their new album 1755, but there are a few more crowd pleasers through the event. The energy and force that they bring to these songs will never fall too far from grace. Their engagement with their material and audiences makes for a riveting show. But, there is a sense that they're restricted, not quite seeing everything that they could have been. Whether it was the material or the set, there is just something that is being held back.

Fortunately, Moonspell have a remarkable presence, commanding the stage like the true veterans that they are. Each song is pounded out with a precision and a natural strength. Ever listened to songs that effortlessly flow from the soul? The dark majesty of Moonspells music doesn't fall on death ears. They start strong and finish stronger. 'Mephisto' and 'Vampiria' are parituclar highlights with their natural bravado, melody and a virtuoso sense of Metal. Moonspell are veterans of their craft, delighting fans with a striking encore including 'Full Moon Madness' as a powerful showstopper; and it is with a heavy heart that Moonspell brought it all to an end. [7]

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