Beans On Toast - The Inevitable Train Wreck | Album Review

Everyone’s favourite folk singer Beans on Toast is back with an impressive 11th studio album. The LP has been named The Inevitable Train Wreck and behind the sunny-sounding music are some brutally honest lyrics that prompt feelings of panic at the state of our planet.

‘World Gone Crazy’ has a relaxed rockabilly sound which works perfectly to show Beans on Toast’s narrative on life. This track doesn’t step too far out of the box and instead opens the album slowly with a sound easily recognisable as Beans on Toast. However, what ‘World Gone Crazy’ does is highlight the intelligent way that Beans observes the world and how he chooses to comment on it.

From here, The Inevitable Train Wreck gets a bit crazier. ‘England, I Love You’ boasts an impressive horn section and bold comments on the failings of Brexit. Bringing with it a beachy vibe and memories of summer, ‘Extinction No. 6’ cleverly projects you into a future where life and the environment is very different.

Incorporating a hint of humour is ‘Saying Thank You to Robots’. It softens the hefty blow that this album could, without a little laughter, deliver. While this record is merely a coherent collection of thoughts from Beans on Toast, ‘Saying Thank You to Robots’, ‘Rich vs Poor’, and the politically-charged tracks on this LP voice thoughts that many Brits have had recently.

‘Logic Bomb’ cleverly wraps funky bass riffs in a sparkly pop-rock song. Lyrical themes of catastrophic computer failure are conveyed in stunning layers of vocal harmony and the upbeat nature of this song makes it a contender for one of our favourites from this record. From this point forward, The Inevitable Train Wreck is shaped to end on a high point.

Written as a memento to Beans’ faithful guitar Martin, ‘Lost Poetry Department’ manages to personify the inanimate object. The music is understated, putting the focus on the carefully written lyrics which will prompt a smile from even the grumpiest of people. From here, ‘On & On’ continues the gentler sound, closing the album with a warm, hopeful tune.

Beans on Toast has provided yet another album of experimentation and good vibes. His lyrics are wise, humorous, and, when needed, bold and to the point. It cuts through the noise and highlights the problems faced by the UK right now. The Inevitable Train Wreck puts an upbeat spin on these issues and highlights the small ways to change the world.

Score: 7.5/10

The Inevitable Train Wreck Is Out December 1st Via BOT Music