Haggard Cat Breakdown The Walls With New Single European Hardware, Detail New Album

The rambunctious force of nature that is Haggard Cat have debuted their latest single in form of 'European Hardware', which is set to appear on their forthcoming sophomore record Common Sense Holiday, out March 13th via Earache Records.

An outspoken rager that documents the obscenity of Brexit and the inevitable cultural catastrophe that is set to follow, the occupying music video is a visual telling of the group’s recent literal entombment. In late October, the group sealed themselves within a concrete tomb for 24 hours in protest of Brexit and to raise awareness of the damaging effects it will inevitably have on the national music scene, our nation's economy and our very culture. A visceral metaphor of the absurd isolation we as a nation are imposing on ourself, the entire protest was documented on Twitch, where viewers where able to watch the band's formidable stunt live. On the topic of the protest, vocalist Matt Reylonds stated;

“Locking yourself in a box is a stupid idea. As is Brexit. It’s intentionally doing something we know is stupid and not in our best interests and puts us at risk. As touring musicians, we can see that the outlook for playing in mainland Europe post-Brexit is bleak, and potentially not even viable for developing artists. We really wanted to demonstrate our feelings on the matter and put across how isolating Brexit is going to be for everyone in Britain, but from our perspective as musicians in particular, by isolating ourselves physically with bricks and mortar.”

Ever outspoken and completely imitable, the group’s forthcoming release Common Sense Holiday is set to be another release that shivers with hyperactivity and explosive vitality. In true sense to the band and their infamous reputation, the release will see Haggard Cat disregard the conventions, exceptions and genre formulations of their feral noise-tinted craft. The release is the follow up the group’s debut long play, 2018’s Challenger, a release that saw the duo jump into the spotlight. On the subject of Common Sense Holiday, Matt stated;

“It was very important to us during the creation of Common Sense Holiday that we didn't restrict ourselves to any formulas or boundaries. We absolutely ripped the songs apart when we went into the studio and the result is something unlike anything else we've ever released, and we absolutely can't wait to show it to everyone!”

Common Sense Holiday is out March 13th via Earache Records. Pre-order the record here.


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