Cutting Teeth - Fracture/Decompose | EP Review

New EP Fracture/Decompose sees Cutting Teeth cement themselves above the hardcore pecking order, taking them out of the cross hairs of a plethora of mediocre bands in the genre and instead placing them with the likes of Sick Of It All and Every time I Die.

The Leeds based hardcore outfit break through the gates from the get go with frying vocals and guitar lines paired with fast paced percussion. 'Blistered' sets the tone for the whole EP, loud and here for a bang. The explosive nature doesn't just stop here though - Cutting Teeth manage to withhold the rampant tones found here and look to drill them into your skull throughout the entirety of Fracture/Decompose.

'Muscle Memory' is laced with a breakdown lead outtro that smartly hints at the overall aura of the band: desolate, slow, and haunting with a sense of impending doom, all that a breakdown should be. Even when you consider that breakdowns have become part and parcel of almost all alternative music at this point - Cutting Teeth manage to somehow deliver a refreshing track packed with discordant remnants and ripping vocal lines that only complement a simple yet effective breakdown.

It's 'A Reason To Give' that steals the show and is a shining gem amongst the EP though, stripping back the skull crushing riffs and melodies for a beautifully written riff, that ascends to a crescendo of hardcore presence. It's where you see dabs of what potential Cutting Teeth have - and you can't help but feel at least a tinge of excitement as a result.

Despite this it's worth mentioning that the mixing here does seem slightly off, granted it is a minor issue, but there's something about the space the engineers have left in the mix, or more specifically the lack thereof, that takes away an element of the musicianship here.

When you consider this EP's sole responsibility is to keep Cutting Teeth's clock ticking though, it's undoubtedly mission accomplished. For fans of hardcore bands like Cancer Bats, Cutting Teeth deliver all that the genre requires and more. They're loud, heavy and display musicianship that could very well surpass aforementioned bands.

Score: 7/10


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