Dude Trips Release Alternative, Piano Led Version Of 'Documentaries'

It’s safe to say that the alternative emo quartet Dude Trips have enjoyed the spoils of a colossal year. Following on from a string of sensational extended plays, the Aberdeenshire group released their highly celebrated debut full length Through Love & Death You’re All I Have Left in the tail end of spring. Supercharged with intimate emotional energy, the record allowed the group to travel all across the UK and reach new audiences away from their bustling but isolated local scene. Even with 2019 being a roaring success for the band, Dude Trips already have their eyes on what the new year and decade will bring and have created something truly special to wrap up this year.

Released today, Dude Trips have released a sombre, quiet and a piano led version of ‘Documentaries’, the lead single from Through Love & Death You’re All I Have Left. A more quiet, withdrawn and stripped down version of the once massive emo tinged pop punk rager, the alternative version of ‘Documentaries’ see’s Dude Trips focusing on the intimate and profound emotional energy that lies at the core of their sound and documents the band successfully experimenting with new stylings and sounds. Recorded within the cosy confines of Jamie Mather’s (Bass, Vocals) bedroom, the track exposes a new and delicate shade of Dude Trips.

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“We’d always talked about doing something like this but has never came into fruition until now. I was mucking about recording and figured out some piano parts and it grew from there” says Jamie. “It was very relaxing doing it ourselves and in my room. I then sent it on to Sean (Drums) to do some additional recording and to mix/master the song. We definitely think he had the toughest job but he made it sound incredible.”

The alternative version of ‘Documentaries’ is out now on all streaming platforms. Dude Trips are playing the Side Mission Records Anniversary Show at the Outpost, Liverpool on 1st February and the Audio, Glasgow on February 8th respectively. Through Love & Death You’re All I Have Left is out now via Side Mission Records.