In This Moment - 'The In-Between' | Single and Music Video Review

2020 is shaping up to be quite the interesting year for musical rejuvenation, if the first month’s worth of offerings are anything to go by. Joining the winners row of recent successes lies the bewitching re-animation of In This Moment’s most hard hitting sound since their 2012 Blood Era, in the form of their latest single and music video release ‘The In-Between’.

‘The In-Between’ battles between several era’s of ITM’s discography, intertwining the electronic/industrialised metal Black Widow bombardment, with the Folk and Blues inspired mysterious Hard rock masterpiece Ritual. It is safe to assume the inspiration bursting out of their previous release has left a strong hold on the Californian metal heads, as their latest single is riddled with pagan iconography from the offset as well as takes a deep dive into the tumultuous piety tussle between Heaven and Hell while marching to the sound of a cannon’s discharge.

Besides a possible reimagining of Revelation 12 in the tracks lyrical content, The In-Between’s visuals seem to allude the bands front woman Maria Brink taking on a new persona in line with the albums theme, that suggests an ascension from High Priestess to a Deity which sparks some stunning imagery resembling interpretations of the Greek goddess Persephone, also known as the Queen of the Underworld.

With this in mind the beautifully twisted fantasma celebrating the occult and a fascination with the dark arts is a haunting first impression for the upcoming new record named Mother, which is all set to be released on March 27th this year. With a first impression like this in the bag, In This Moment has set our expectations at an all time high!

WARNING the following video contains fast flashing images! Viewer discretion is advised.


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