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Copenhagen-based trio Nelson Can have been enhancing their own spin on the DIY music sector since their formation in 2011. The group’s newest endeavour comes in the form of sophomore full-length record, So Long Desire. Marking their first album in six years and three years since the arrival of EP3, the ten track offering shows off an assembly of influences and genres.

Their mix of influences and headstrong attitudes are not the only unique aspects behind this group. With a simplified company consisting of only bass, drums and vocals, the no-guitar posture is one that is not so frequent in their surroundings, but Nelson Can embrace the unexpected.

Warming up the listeners’ ears is ‘Ambitious’, which introduces the first of many prominent bass lines, coupled with atmospheric vocals, piquing interest. Lead single ‘Limelight’ builds up the animation with amplifying beats and brooding instrumentals. The upbeat track fashions a collection of engaging and catchy hooks with bouncy rhythms to complement.

Providing some extra structure to the record, the aptly named ‘Interlude’ sits directly in the centre of the track listing. The energy escalates through the brief track, simplified by the bass foundation and spoken accompaniment.

An electronic groove present in ‘I Wanna Be With You’ flaunts the diversity of Nelson Can’s musical range. The track’s contagious vocal pattern, old-school bass vibrations and synth accumulates into a futuristic blend that will firmly stick in your head.

The echoing bass line and shifting drum beats within ‘So Long Desire (I’m Getting Over You)’ makes the track an absorbing and varying journey. They cleverly utilise the negative space of instrumentals to their advantage, showcasing that less can be more in many cases. The isolated vocals between choruses and verses adds further depth, subtly bringing everything together in one stand-out track.

‘I Used To Sleep Through Everything’ appears in the penultimate spot on the record, with a more relaxed and darker tone than some predecessors. The soft atmosphere of ‘Yeah, I Didn’t Think So’ draws the record to a velvety close. A contrast to the opener, the slow tempo track draws upon the duel vocals and results in a satisfying finale.

If you’re ready for something refreshing to grace your ears, then Nelson Can is a solution for you. The new release offers a wealth of varying atmosphere through each track; resulting in an anthology of intrigue. The trio’s effortless ability to push conventional boundaries is an commendable quality prominent in their newest record that will surely reel in some admirers.

Score: 7/10

So Long Desire is released January 31st via Alcopop! Records


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