Wait, Who? No, The HU! - An Interview With The HU

By now you may well have already heard of the global phenomenon The HU (not to be confused with Roger Daltrey and co). Despite forming less than four years ago, the Mongolian group have shaken the musical world with their unique brand of “Hunnu Rock”, with their music video for 'Wolf Totem' already boasting well over 25 million views since its release in late 2018. Chances are you've probably come across this video at some point, as it became a viral sensation last year, and the band even played a slot at the iconic Download Festival last year, garnering a huge surge in interest from the rock and metal community in the process. We had the pleasure of being able to ask The HU a few questions in the lead up to the UK leg of their very busy worldwide tour schedule, and asked them to spill the beans on what makes The HU, well, The HU.

Noizze: Last year you released your debut album The Gereg to huge success, what kind of feeling did you want people to walk away with after their first experience of The HU?

The HU: We want our listeners to understand the importance of showing gratitude to your parents, loving your homeland, protecting the nature, loving and respecting women, respecting your country’s history and ancestors, and finally giving individuals an inner power and belief for their future.

Noizze: When you started making music together, was it a goal to achieve worldwide success, or did it come as a total surprise when your music started getting recognition all over the world?

The HU: Yes, we expected some kind of success because we worked so hard to make this happen. We travelled over 5000 kilometres on off roads to western Mongolia to film ‘Yuve Yuve Yu’. There were days we got so hot in the desert or got so cold on a mountain top next day. We’re very honored and humbled by the reactions of the people all around the world.

Noizze: Because of the far-reaching success of your music, you now have a fantastic platform with which you can share your culture, what is one thing you would want everyone to know about Mongolia?

The HU: It’s the untouched vast land. Mongolia is a land of rich history and cultures. We are so honoured and humbled to be named as the official ambassadors of our country. It’s a lot of responsibility. We’ll represent our country in a positive way in the world.

Noizze: Your instruments are very beautiful and ornate; can you tell us a bit about those and why they are designed the way that they are?

The HU: The HU is Eastern meets Western, old meets new, and traditional meets modern. We wanted to show the world the beauty of Mongolian silversmithing. Our instruments are custom made for us by a number of amazing people who support us. Actual instruments were made by Baigaljav of Egshinglen Magnaim, the silver and ornaments by Tseelsaikhan.

Noizze: What is the current goal for the HU, are there any career milestones you're hoping to hit in the next few years?

The HU: We want to keep doing what we’re doing now and, in the future, we want to leave a global mark of our music around the world. Overall, we’ll be touring a lot and releasing new albums in the next few years.

Noizze: You're embarking on a colossal world tour, from now all the way through to July, what countries are you most excited about visiting and sharing your music with?

The HU: We love every country and city we play because we feel so much connection, love and support. Everywhere we go our fans chant with us, they sing with us and they mosh with us.

Noizze: In terms of your live shows, do you think you will move forward with a more theatrical performance in future, or do you prefer to keep it simple and all about the music?

The HU: Of course, it’s all about the music, but everything is possible with the HU.

Noizze: Can we expect any new music anytime soon, or will you be focusing on touring The Gereg for the foreseeable future?

The HU: This tour we will be focusing on the Gereg album songs. We’ve been working on our next album and we’ll introduce them into our live shows when the time is right.

Noizze: What other things does The HU love, other than music? What does The HU do when they aren't making music and playing shows?

The HU: We love getting away from the city and spending time with our families in the countryside of Mongolia.

Noizze: Lastly, what has been the best experience for The HU as a band, so far?

The HU: Holding the physical copy of our Gereg album in our hands was the best experience so far. We worked very hard to release that album.

The HU really are an incredible breath of fresh air for modern music, incorporating traditional sounds from a country largely unrepresented in the industry, and they're already well on their way to global superstardom. The band are hitting UK shores this week, as part of their completely sold out Europe tour, dates can be found below. The Gereg is out now via Better Noise Music.

The Hu have since been nominated for "Best International Breakthrough Band" at the 2020 Heavy Music Awards. Give the band some love and vote HERE.