Cheerbleederz - Lobotany | EP Review

With thousands upon thousands of musical artists emerging from the woodwork, it’s not surprising that new bands are attempting to create new sounds and employ new gimmicks in an attempt to distance themselves from their competitors. Now don’t get us wrong, the fact that bands are probing new musical territories and fusing genres en-mass is nothing but wildly exciting. But even still, sometimes you just want something new that’s a bit more comfortable, familiar and easy going. This is what the new EP from Cheerbleederz offers.

The second offering from Cheerbleederz, a London based trio formed of members of Fresh and Happy Accidents, Lobtoany is abound to go down a treat with everyone who just happens to encounter it. A breezy little offering perfect for the forthcoming Spring months, this EP is a brief bundle of serene melodies and harmonies that resonates a sense of welcoming hospitality, regardless if you’re aware of the members that form this act. It’s no frills indie punk with a DIY pastel pop coating that substitutes shoehorned conventions in favour of amplifying the sense of inclusive warmth that lies at the very core of the EP.

If you’re aware of the aforementioned Fresh and Happy Accidents, one would most probably hazard a successful guess on the ethos within this record. However, what may not be known immediately is the running theme of this release, one documenting relationships both platonic and romantic. Once this is known, another texture of Lobotany is evident. Amiability runs through this EP and is nothing but tangible on the harmonies of the deeply relatable ‘Sometimes I Cry At Work’, within the sincere yet pure danceable nature of ‘Disco’ and the cautious and withdrawn 'Say 2 U'

Despite it’s universal appeal and it’s easygoing nature, Lobotany is earnest and deeply full of integral substance. Again, it’s abound to be obvious to those aware of the background to this act, but those new will feel a sense of relicense, strength and maybe even fierceness lying under this tracks. It’s the sound of a band aware of the cultural injustices that surround them but are aware they don’t need to combat them through blind musical aggression and rage.

Lobotany is a soothing dose of quick punk tranquillity that be can taken repeatedly without experiencing any ill side effects. Regardless if its soundtracking you pottering about the house or if you’re chirping along to it in passion, this delightful EP is a bundle of mentally soothing tracks that will leave you yearning for more.

Score: 8/10

Lobotany is released Friday 7th February via Alcopop! Records


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