Lobotany: Track By Track With Cheerbleederz

Composed of members of Fresh, Finish Flag and Happy Accidents, the lo-fi indie punk trio Cheerbleederz soundtrack the hidden sanctums of peace and love within the callous urban labyrinth that is inner London. Released on Friday via Alcopop! Records, the group's brilliant second EP Lobotany showcases this fact through gentle, pure but fierce indie punk. We got in touch with vocalist Kathryn Woods who detailed the meanings and inspirations beneath the tracks of Lobotany.

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say 2 u

"say 2 u is about the spaces in between: that pause before daylight breaks; the deep breath that you take before you make your feelings known to someone; the calm before the storm. It's swirling and elusive, because having feelings for someone can be complicated, but it's also essentially a love song that's a bit afraid to commit. It's a song about longing and desire; there's always the side of yourself that wants to take risks and be the self that you feel you are internally, and then there's the external person that you show to the world. The external person for us all is a lot more timid and say 2 u is a projection of the ideal, confident self."


"disco is essentially about feeling like you don't belong or fit in and the fall backs used to cope with this. It's the feeling of "but if I'm doing everything right, why am I still so lonely?" The important thing to remember in all of this of course is that our differences make us lovable. <3 Instead of giving up, you make your own space. Playing in bands, we've often felt sidelined in music throughout our lives and careers, so we make cheerbleederz a space to celebrate our quirks and differences and support each other. Jono Ganz has made us another beautiful animation as an accompanying video for this song, with a plant character going through just this very situation!"

sometimes i cry at work

"sometimes i cry at work focuses on someone who is at war with themselves and has extreme fluctuations of confidence. It's the internal conversation to try and find the truth of what you really want and how sometimes that truth can be really hard to find. It speaks to a feeling of inadequacy and imposter syndrome that can plague you and prevent you from achieving what you want to achieve. When we play it, we really channel that frustration and defiance in Sophie's lyrics, it's an empowering song for us!"

gaze of others

"gaze of others was a song that we wrote on the spot together. It's a great blend of our personalities and the dynamic of the band. Ultimately, the song is about breaking away from the criticism and outside attempts to undermine your confidence. It's a sweet and happy song despite the themes of hardship and we wanted to close the EP with it to really hammer home that hopeful vibe."

Cheerbleederz's second EP Lobotany is out now via Alcopop! Records.

You can purchase the record and merch bundles via Bandcamp here!


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