Noise, Punk And Unpredictability: Introducing DITZ

“Sweat, loss of hearing and tears,” reply the band when asked about what they want people to experience when catching them live for the first time. It’s a brief but perfectly tailored answer, one that encapsulates the sound of DITZ in a nutshell. Emerging recently from the deafening hive that is the Brighton scene, the noise-punk quintet have been the subject of much debate and discussion within the UK DIY scene as of late. A topic that’s been fuelled primally due to the band forgoing all predictability in order to pursue their own path.

Forming during their university studies, whilst each member of the recent Alcopop! Records signees had differing levels of performing experience and individual tastes, they formed out a mutual love of one thing – unchained noise. “We all met at uni; we all had a different background in music, some of us had played in bands before, some hadn't, some had musical knowledge and some hadn't.” Say the band as a collective. “We all loved noisy music, post-hardcore, post-punk and everything in between – but Brighton didn't really have many of those bands at that point. The sound originated from a lot of experimenting, tonnes of effect pedals and a lot of time on our hands whilst we should've been studying.”

Simply put, no element of DITZ is predictable or conventional in regards to musical norms. Releasing music erratically, the band released their debut three-track EP in 2016, an act that agitated their home scene immediately. Despite the buzz surrounding them, it wasn’t until 2018 that the band released new material. To defy the demands of your local scene is certainly unheard of, especially from your everyday band attempting to establish themselves. However, when experimenting DITZ in any form, it’s clear the group are anything but your everyday band trying to make a name for themselves.

The Fall, The Jesus Lizard, Sunn O))), Peaches, Foals, Ikara Holt to name a few, the list could go on forever.” State the band when detailing their inspirations. “But Cal (Vocals) often writes about anger and hypocrisy. Luckily, society provides a lot of that.” Continue the band. Whereas this sentiment could be applied to many of the left-field and left-wing musical bands within the national aether, DITZ documents such cultural bigotry and hypocrisy through the cracked and filthy lens of their dizzying and feedback coated kaleidoscopic sound. For example, ‘Total 90’, the group’s latest original single, is a track that condemns the bigotry within the national football teams. However, unless you were aware of this sentiment prior to listening, one probably wouldn’t be aware such meaning.

Much like the singles that came before it, ‘Gayboy’ and ‘Seeking Arrangement’ respectively, the track is an uncompromising and undefinable barrage of unconsolable noise, a track born screeching from overworked and abused pedalboards and screaming feedback. To listen to these tracks on record is an experience in themselves, but the confines of the stage is where such energy becomes palpable, with DITZ having become infamous as of late due to their inclusive and sporadic live shows. To find yourself wrapped in electrical tape, covered in chewed up flowers or entangled in equipment is merely path of the course at a DITZ show. Anyone who has experienced the infamous antics of a Falls or The JQC show or the invasive acrobatics that are path of the course at a Raketkanon gig will know what a kind of unpredictability to expect. It’s live music that bridges upon performance art – certainly not a spectator sport by any means.

This is what makes this week so crucial for DITZ. Having began on Valentines Day, DITZ are now in the throes of their first ever headline tour. A mammoth trek from the South Coast to Scotland and back again, this headliner will be the first time many will get acquainted with the band, meetings that will not be forgotten for a long time. Despite the fears that many young bands suffer from undertaking their first headline run, DITZ are taking it in their stride. “We’re Excited! Our first trip around the UK is looking to be a good one, we're playing with some great bands too! Will be interesting to play in cities that we haven't been to before, a toilet tour has never looked so good!”

With tall tales of their tour currently doing the rounds on social media, it’s clear 2020 will be the biggest year yet for DITZ. Later this year the band will be sharing the stage with fellow noise makers JOHN before jumping headfirst into the chaos that the national festival circuit ensures. But yet, if there’s any band that can revel in the mayhem and unpredictability of touring, its DITZ. The band have quickly become the embodiment of noise punk – conscious sonics that agitate, provoke, intrigue and rile people up.

DITZ are currently on tour and will be playing more dates this Spring and Summer. Dates below. More shows and festival sets to be announced. Get down to a show.

14.02.20 – Leicester - The Soundhouse 15.02.20 – Sheffield - Record Junkee 16.02.20 – Birmingham - Hare and Hounds 17.02.20 – Manchester - Yes 18.02.20 – Glasgow - Broadcast 19.02.20 – Leeds - Mabgate Bleach 20.02.20 – London - Lexington 21.02.20 – Brighton - Prince Albert 22.02.20 – Bristol - Old England

01.05.20 — Tunbridge Wells - Forum (w/ JOHN)

31.07.20-02.08.20 - TRUCK Festival


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