Cold Years Share Details On New Album And Release New Single

Scottish Alt-Rockers Cold Years have given details of their highly anticipated debut album and have accompanied the announcement with new single 'Night Like This'.

The record will be titled Paradise and is scheduled for release on May 8th 2020. On the albums title, vocalist Ross Gordon said: ""Our hometown is a shit hole, the album is called Paradise because Aberdeen is not a paradise. It's horrible, it's grey, and it's cold all the time. We all live and work here, and it's not very happy. It's quite morbid when you stop to think about it. But at the same time, it's home."

He went further on the details of what lies within Paradise, too: ""There's an ongoing narrative about how fucked everything is at the moment, it links everything really, not just purely politics. It's linked to the economy, to drugs and alcohol, and what our generation is going through right now. You work hard in school, you train for your career and you try to succeed at it, but the reality is that none of it really fucking matters. It's a record that's angry because, as a generation, we feel like we've been sold short.

You can check out the bands new single 'Night Like This' below:

Paradise tracklisting:

1) 31 2) Life With A View 3) Night Like This 4) Northern Blue 5) Breathe 6) The Waits 7) Burn The House Down 8) Electricity 9) Too Far Gone 10) Hold On 11) Dropout 12) 62 (My Generation's Falling Apart) 13) Hunter


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