Krvsade - Judgement Day | EP Review

There are plenty of tasty riffs to come your way in this new EP from North Carolina thrash metallers Krvsade. This band offers little in the way of introductions but list their influences as ‘Sepultura, Death, Morbid Angel, Vader, Slayer and Kreator’, which becomes quickly apparent once you dive in to their latest offering.

Being an EP made up of three tracks, Krvsade waste no time in getting straight down to business with the furiously energetic title track ‘Judgement Day’, a song which is guaranteed to make you want to break stuff (as all good thrash tunes do). Despite being the shortest song out of the three, it holds its own nicely and sets the bar for what’s to come. The next two songs come in at nearly seven and eight minutes respectively, yet both prove to be as relentless and thrashy as the first.

The guttural vocals of the piece are interwoven nicely with the thundering drumbeats and the erratic flair of the lead guitar, however the chugging rhythm that appears a constant throughout, can feel somewhat repetitive and overused. That is not to say that for the most part, Judgement Day is not an enjoyable and engaging listen, only that in terms of the rhythm section, there is still room for Krvsade to explore further.

One notable aspect of this release is the progressive element of each of the tracks. This has been executed nicely and serves Krvsade well in how it divvies up the runtime in order to give the impression that this is so much more than just a three track EP.

Judgement Day should go some way in generating interest on the scene for this upcoming band, and so hopefully we can expect more to follow as Krvsade continues to develop their sound and build upon the hard work that they have put into this new EP.

Score: 6/10

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