Introvert - Mending Breaking | EP Review

Mental health has been at the forefront of many messages bands are voicing to their fans in recent years, as it has become more prevalent to tackle in wider society. It can be a real struggle dealing with your demons and the emotional strain it can put on oneself.

This is a reason why Introvert have released Mending Breaking, their newest EP. The Australian punks have releasex six tracks dealing with self-loathing, depression and ideas that toy with crucially required escapism. It’s no surprise that punk has had a sudden revival with what feels like a sea of problems washing up, receding and washing up new deeply personal problems.

The band have commented on how the EP transitions from the start to end, perfectly framing the anger and pain building track by track, small cracks begin to form as the music blossoms into a heavy mix of unclean vocals and big guitar riffs.

‘As Long As You Know’ feels almost like a throwback to younger memories of noughties alternative music, but then begins to shift in the verse bringing something new and unique. Still providing the energy and excitement. The song in many ways feels like a way of trying to let go of the issue.

Comparing this with ‘All I know’, the last track on the album, completes the full circle of the process of ‘Mending Breaking’, it provides a big finale for the EP providing an entirely new aspect of emotion, a more intense, trembling pain through Audie Franks unclean vocals. This almost feels like someone is screaming to try and escape this issue, supported by the intrinsic and spine chilling riffs.

Whilst this EP focuses on the feeling of isolation and being stuck in a rut, it helps provide a social commentary on some of the issues that other people may be facing. Whilst it could be regarded as more emo-punk, as there is no real punk genre. This band certainly are providing a platform for mental health.

Score: 7/10

Mending Breaking is out now via UNFD


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