Typecaste - Between Life | EP Review

Nothing says intrigue like a new Hardcore EP which aims to explore everything and anything Between Life. Not content with merely focussing on life and death, Typecaste are determined to go one better, and delve into all of the grey areas, the uncertain and the downright murky.

‘Memento Mori’ (A Latin phrase meaning ‘Remember that you must die’) sets the tone both lyrically and sonically. It’s short, sharp, straight to the point as well as being deliciously heavy. There’s simply no wasted motion. Every screamed, chanted and powerful lyric is delivered with maximum impact often alongside a brutal guitar riff. Or in the case of ‘Traverse’ just all out chaos.

Although they are the final two tracks, ‘Hypnagogic Hallucination’ and ‘Beneath The Wreath’, which are the most interesting. The former is defined as a vivid dream like state, that an individual hears, sees or feels just as they begin to fall asleep. The song itself finds the band on top form, and again working around the central theme of exploring those ill-defined areas around life, death, meditation and dreams. The sheer balls of a band to try and breakdown these themes and ideas in songs such as these is frankly remarkable.

While the closing track is more notable for the development of the band’s sound. For the first time, clean vocals are utilised and it gives the song a completely different feel. And before those of you in the back start shouting about going soft or selling out, there’s nothing soft about this track. Different doesn’t automatically equal bad.

Appraising Between Life as one whole cohesive project is somewhat difficult. Its brevity gives it a punch and a powerful impact. However, it’s a nigh on impossible task to tackle this subject matter and do it justice in just over ten minutes. But through a series of monstrous riffs, in your face vocals and varying soundscapes, Typecaste give it a damn good go. And oh, so very nearly, pull it off.

Score: 6.5/10

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