Wallflower Confirm Details Of Debut Record Teach Yourself To Swim, Release New Single!

South London emo alt-rock stalwarts Wallflower have finally announced the details surrounding their longly-awaited debut full length today, with Teach Yourself To Swim being self-released June 5th..

The follow up to their 2017 EP Where It Fell Apart, Teach Yourself To Swim will see the band drawing upon retrospective alternative influences. Showcasing this is the record’s first single ‘Hungry Eyes’. You can listen to the track below.

On the subject of the record and new single guitarist and vocalist Vini Moreira-Yeoell has said:

"It’s probably one of the heaviest songs we’ve ever written. Where most of our songs are written around personal emotions we all experience as human beings, ‘Hungry Eyes’ is much more politically driven and touches on subjects we believe affect all of us. In the last 10-15 years it very much feels like there has been a shift in the way we, as a human population, respond to current events.”

“With some pretty horrific things happening all across the world, the general reaction can often be indifference and numbness. This song was easily one of the most challenging to perfect in the studio, being very intense in all aspects of the word. We have been very lucky to work with our good friend and producer Lewis Johns at The Ranch in Southampton on each of our releases and his persistence in getting the very best out of us enabled ‘Hungry Eyes’ to get to where we envisioned it.”

As for the album artwork, here’s what it all looks like. Pretty right?

Bundles and exclusive pressings of the record are available to pre-order here. Teach Yourself To Swim is out June 5h.


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