Small Pond Cease All Operations Due To Coronavirus, Offer Space To Relief Efforts, Set Up GoFundMe F

Those local to the Brighton and general South Coast scene will know how vital Small Pond is to the UK’s independent music ecosystem. Unfortunately, due to the escalating pandemic the company has had to close it’s once bustling doors for the foreseeable future.

Originally established in 2015, Small Pond has become a vital fixture and resource to countless musicians and creatives worldwide. Remaining loyal to a mission statement that focuses on nurturing emerging talent and further developing contemporary and experimental music, it’s impossible to downplay how crucial Small Pond is to the national scene. With the lockdown now in effect, Small Pond have had to cease all operations, closing their studio complex and rehearsal space as well as ceasing their promotional and label operations, placing their staff into financial jeopardy.

However, the company are now reaching out to the NHS and other charities to offer to see if their space can be repurposed for the relief effort during the pandemic. On top of this, Small Pond have now set up a GoFundMe to help support their staff who are not included within the government's financial support measures. You can pitch in here.

The official statement from Small Pond reads;

"Having seen how the virus has spread in neighbouring European countries, and as events continue to unfold in the UK, we feel that it is our responsibility to temporarily close our doors. It is imperative that we do everything within our power to stop the further spread of the virus and protect the most vulnerable members of our society. Like many others, our business will be severely impacted over the coming weeks and months, so we are asking for your help." "If, and only if, you can afford it, please consider donating, purchasing a token for a future studio booking, or buying a vinyl LP. We are a small business, with an even smaller team, and we don't have any contingency plans in place for a pandemic. This money is just enough to keep us afloat in the next month, while no one is going be practising and recording at Small Pond."

"When we built the studio back in 2015 we didn't just want to build some practice rooms—we wanted to build a community hub for like-minded creatives and artists. We haven’t asked for anything before, and we have poured our hearts into this, and we hope that you can help us weather the storm." "We hope that this will soon come to pass and that, with your help, we can open our doors to the public again. The existence of this place is a testament to never giving up, and the power of the community that came around a small DIY project, to turn it into the heartbeat of the Brighton music scene." "As we will no longer be open, we are reaching out to representatives from the NHS and other charities/organisations to see whether it can be re-purposed to support relief efforts during the pandemic." "Please get in touch if you would like to discuss further." "Stay safe, be kind and look after each other."

At the current time it’s unknown if Bad Pond Festival - featuring names such as ASIWYFA, Delta Sleep and TTNG - will go ahead on it’s scheduled date of May 2nd. Math rockers Chinese Football have already sadly cancelled their appearance due to the outbreak in Asia.

You pitch in towards the GoFundMe campaign here.

You can also support the team by buying records and merch via their website here.


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